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Orange County DUI Schools Listing and Phone Numbers

Orange County DUI Schools

4 Types of classes DUI Schools offer in California

There are serveral reasons why a person would want to go to a DUI School and there are 4 types of DUI schools out there. A court may require a person to attend a 3 month program. In other cases, the court will require a person to take 12 hour course, 6 month or an 18 month course. It’s important to know which class is for you. In addition, one also must know which class the DMV wants for the purpose of getting driving privileges reinstated.

3 Month DUI Program

A 3 month course is the class most people with a first DUI will get at court if there was no enhancement in the case. It is the most common type of class people in enroll in because the 3 month program can be modified later to 6 months or 9 months. In addition it is the class DMV Requires for you to enroll in to get your restricted license. 

6 Month Alcohol Program

The 6 month alcohol program is reserved for people who have a blood alcohol level of beteen .15 and .20. People who have this level of alcohol in their blood should still in enroll in the 3 month program and then switch over if necessary. This is because the six months requirement can usually be bargained down to a 3 month in court. 

9 month Alcohol Program

People who have over a .20 on a first DUI will need to do a 9 month alcohol program. 

Enhancements on a DUI case can include that of being twice over the legal limit such as being over .15 BAC or over .20 BAC. People may end up with a 6 month class if they had a blood alcohol content of over .15 and prosecutors will often want people with over .20 to do a class of 9 months. It’s important to know there are issues of proof with each of these alcohol levels as well as alcohol levels do not stay at one level inside the body and they fluctuate and rise often.

Problems of proof can result in lower alcohol schools.

At any time a person’s blood alcohol content can be absorbingplateau stage or eliminating. Often times it is not possible to tell where the blood alcohol level is and this can mean the difference between a 9 month and 6 month course and in addition plea negotiations can result in more changes as well. If you are in Orange County then you may want to talk to a good Orange County DUI Attorney about your case.  The difference between a good one and a bad one can be a world of difference.

What is work for purpose of a restricted license?

For purpose of restricted license – A person will want to go to a DUI school because their license got suspended after a DUI. This happens a lot after a 1st DUI and a DMV suspension. A DMV will suspend a person’s license for a 120 days hard suspension or a 30 hard suspension followed by a 5 month restricted license. A restricted license lets a person drive to and from work and from their DUI Schools and back home. How a person defines work and the scope of work is a question that people often ask me. My answer has always been it doesn’t matter so long as it is a genuinely work.

Example:  You’re at home for the weekend, but you realize that you forgot your laptop at work so you decide to drive to work or get your laptop so you can work at home. This is considered a legitimate reason.
Example 2: You drive a lot of for work as a real estate agent. Part of your job is meet clients at homes. This is considered work even if you do not have a stationery place.

Getting a Restricted License after Your SR-22

Living in California is tough. People need to get around and it often involves a car. In order to get a restricted license for the purpose of getting to and from work a person will have to register for the 3 month course if it is a first DUI. This is assuming he or she lost their DMV hearing. 

DUI classes consist of a 12 hour or 3 month, 6 month, or 9 month courses. The length of a course required depends on the courts outcome or what a person is trying to accomplish. Many people want to register for a course for the purpose of getting their license back. The typical scenario will involve a person losing their license at a DMV hearing. Their license will be suspended for 120 days. During these 120 days they will not be able to drive anywhere. This can be fixed and changed into a 30 day suspension with a restricted if done correctly.

restricted license law office of hieu vu

In order to get the restricted license a person will have to get an SR22 and proof of enrollment in a 3 month class. This is assuming it is a 1st time offense. A person looking to get their restricted license will have to wait out at least 30 days of their suspension. They will be eligible on the 31st day. It is important to not drive during this period. If a person is caught driving during this period then it is mandatory jail time.

In order to get the restricted license you will have an h6 print out. An h6 print out is your driving record. Some schools will let you register without your h6 printout. You also need to look out which school you are going to. Many schools will purposely try to get you to sign up for a 6 month course or a 9 month course when it is not needed.

Update as of 2019

The 30 day wait i sno longer needd. You can now get the IID immediately for the purpose of getting your license.

SR22 Requirements for California DUI

SR22 is documentation that verifies you as meeting the requirements for liability insurance coverage for your automobile. Although the most common use for the SR22 is for DUI cases. An SR22 can be used for other circumstances. Examples can be driving without insurance. If you were involved in a car accident, driving with a suspended or revoked license or having too many violation points on your driving record. Being involved with any of the events will usually require you to have an SR22 with the DMV for around three years. Having an SR22 can be crucial if you rely on your car. An SR22 can get you a restricted license while you are on probation for DUI.

SR22 300x195 1

Obtaining an SR22

The first step into getting one is to contact your car insurance company. When calling your insurance company they access your DMV record to see why you needed the SR22. One of two things will then happen. They can cancel on you or give you the document. 

Getting an SR22 from your car insurance company has a high chance of increasing your rates. But if they do not, or your company cancelled then you have to find it elsewhere.  

Other companies will charge you a high premium as they find you as an unsafe driver. If you are unable to get one your own, then the state of California has a program that will match you with a company. Prices for an SR22 will vary with different companies and the usual price range from $300 to $800, depending on your circumstances such as age and driving history. You will lose your good driver discount and will not be eligible for it for 10 years. Make sure to hire an attorney that is trained in DUI and knows the ins and outs with the SR22. Also it’s important to know that the SR-22 vendor you are talking to will not alert your primary insurance carrier. By doing this they are preserving your insurance rate. This is a reason why you must go to another vendor. Also it is equally important as a consumer that you shop and compare the quotes you get.

The two most reputable SR-22 companies in California are Breathe Easy and Your DUI Solutions.

Breathe Easy – 949-870-8011 (direct backline to DUI Specialist)

In addition you can your free Ebook by clicking here.

Orange County DUI Schools Listing and Phone Numbers







 1501 N. Raymond St. #C&D 714-563-8999

(Raymond & 91 fwy.)

English and Spanish





 1060 Brookhurst Rd.


 2nd floor, no elevator      (Brookhurst & Orangethorpe)

English, Spanish and Asian Languages





 12531 Harbor Blvd. #G. 714-638-5008

(Harbor Blvd & Lampson)

English Spanish Asian Languages





 21068 Bake Parkway


(Bake Pkwy & Irvine Blvd.)






 23141 Verdugo Drive, Suite 101


(Verdugo and La Cadena off Peralta)

English and Spanish





 2028 Quail St.


(corner of Birch and Quail)

English and Spanish






 31726 Rancho Viejo, #120


(Rancho Viejo & Ortega Hwy)

English and Spanish





 3400 West Warner Avenue, Suite D 714-429-9909

(Harbor & Warner)

English and Spanish





 1200 N. Main Street Suite #700


(Main & Washington)

English, Spanish and Asian Languages




NTSI Santa Ana DUI

 525 Cabrillo Park Drive, suite 150


(4th and Cabrillo Park)

English and Spanish





 6156 Garden Grove Blvd. 714-891-3608

(Westminster & Golden West)

English, Spanish & Vietnamese