Orange County DUI Schools – Facts You Need to Know Now

DUI schools is a non-negotiable consequence of a Orange County DUI conviction and can be an excellent first step in turning your life around after a drunk driving arrest. However, you will be surprised by the new experience and the new things you learn as you start this journey.  

What to expect at DUI schools

You can expect to see many people who have run into similar situations as yourself in this licensed program. Also, you will see people who have more extreme DUIs and have struggled with alcohol problems all their lives. You will also find out that Enrollment might later become mandatory, and you are required to attend classes in person if you want your license back. 

In Some Ways DUI Schools, it is Like a Clsassroom Setting.

Often, you will be accompanied by other people going through the same thing as you, and you can relate to them and support each other through the experience. Some DUI school programs even take a practical approach to reducing drunk driving by teaching you about the ways your body processes alcohol and what happens when you introduce alcohol into your system.

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In DUI Schools You will Learn Practical Approach to Dealing with Alcohol in the Classroom

In classes, you will learn the practical approach to dealing with alcohol. Lots of these skills involve how to avoid getting another DUI/DWI, staying clear of probation violations, and learning the effects of alcohol in class so you can steer clear of another DUI. The goal is for you to get out of the program without exploring the next level of treatment programs. 

Experience with Like-Minded People and Learn from Their Stories

You will be surrounded by people who are in the same situation. They have been arrested for DUI/DWI of alcohol and drugs as well. If this is your first DUI, you will see people who have been through several treatment programs. These people will bring their experiences to the class. Often, these stories are where the real practical and learning takes place in the classroom. These stories are the ones told via textbooks and course materials. Often they will have reports of probation violations to share in their sessions. Take advantage of their experiences whenever you find yourself in a situation where there are small class sizes during your hours of alcohol classes. 

Enrolling in DUI Schools Ahead of Time Has it’s Advantages.

There are advantages to enrolling ahead of time ahead of your court date. They call this voluntary Enrollment, and people do this type of Enrollment for many reasons.

license suspension

You can get your license Ahead of Time if You enroll in one of the DUI Schools.

By enrolling in classes and DUI/DWI programs, you can start the process of getting back on the road. When you are arrested for a DUI, your driver license will be confiscated, and you are given a pink restricted license. The pink license will expire in 30 days [unless you request an APS hearing which is explained here], and a suspension period will entail. The license suspension period will last 120 days, but you can get around it by getting an ignition interlock device. [see here for how to get your license back after a DUI in California]

Enrollment into a one of the DUI Schools will get you a Restricted License

If this is a first or 2nd DUI in California, then Early DUI School Attendance in the correct level class and Proof of Enrollment is enough, along with an SR22 form, will be enough for getting your driver’s license suspension changed to a restricted. By doing this and staying within the class requirements for your course, then you will be good to drive without limitations. 

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If you have a Refusal suspension, then Enrollment into a DUI class will not get you a restricted license.

DUI School Attendance ahead of a conviction would not allow you to get your license back if it was suspended for a refusal. For refusals, you will have to wait for the entire term of your driver’s license suspension. For 1st DUI/DWI, that means you must sit out for 1 year. If you had a 2nd DUI, then you are looking at a 2-year license suspension. This means you have to attend the alcohol education programs via buses or Uber. 

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Enrolling ahead of time in your Alcohol Education Courses will make for a Smoother process in court.

By enrolling in DUI Schools early, you will reduce the time period or class hours, you will have to do once probation hits. Assuming that you registered at the right level, this means that you have less exposure to violate your condition of probation. It is different to get non-compliance for the class when you are in it voluntarily vs getting removed when you are in there as a condition of probation. 

Early Enrollment into a DUI program will give the judge more room to exercise discretion for sentencing

Although there is a variety of factors that come into play when sentencing for a DUI, public safety is one of the biggest. Your Enrollment into one of the DUI Schools, the number of class hours you have completed, and class materials completed will tie directly to how much a danger you are to society for the purpose of sentencing. 

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Enrollment into a DUI course ahead of time will be a factor to help you avoid harsher sentences. One of the most significant factors in Orange County Superior Court Judges when it comes to DUI is public safety. Public safety is why Orange County imposes bail on 2nd DUIs. It is also the reason why the sentences on repeat DUIs are harsher than surrounding counties. By being in enrolled in DUI school, this shows the judges you are attacking your problem head-on are less likely to be a liability to their decision at sentencing. 

Being enrolled in DUI Schools ahead of time will increase the chance of staying out of jail on 2nd DUIs in Orange County

Being enrolled in classes and being in a treatment program ahead of time will help you stay out of jail on a 2nd DUI/DWI. A judge is worried about public safety when it comes to letting you out on your promise to appear in court. The Orange County District Attorney (and prosecutors in many other counties) will always ask for bail on a 2nd DUI in Orange County, and the judges are inclined to grant it because of the public safety factor. However, you can overcome this by showing the court that you are enrolled in an 18-month program. When this happens, you may be able to able to not pay the $10,000 bail, which comes with the 2nd DUI in Orange County.

Orange County DUI Defense Stay Out of Jail on 2nd or 3rd DUI 1

Being enrolled ahead of time will increase the chance of community service instead of jail when there is an accident.

Being enrolled ahead of time in DUI Programs is essential for avoiding jail time, especially when your DUI involves aggravating factors like accidents. This gives the judges something to hang there hat on. In some cases, you can increase your odds of finishing your sentence with a promise to do community service instead of jail time.

There are Consequences of Too Many Absences from DUI Schools

After a conviction, DUI school is a court-ordered educational class. The course is often required for drivers who are convicted of driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. DUI school is a court-mandated requirement, not a personal choice. After conviction, there are consequences for too many absences from the class, from license revocation to probation violations.  

DUI School is Required after a court conviction, and Too many Absences Will Result in a Removal from your class

Too many missed sessions of your alcohol education classes/drug education classes will result in you being removed from your class. This would be the case even if you enrolled in your alcohol classes voluntarily. It is essential that you do all program activities and completes everything. Driving privileges and the court can be affected by too many absences from alcohol classes.

Too Many Absences from DUI School will Result in a Probation Violation

If you are in a court-ordered DUI education program after your DUI conviction and you failed to complete your class then you will be facing a probation violation. This happens because being in alcohol education classes/drug education classes became a condition of probation after your drunk driving offence conviction. Part of your deal with the court is to complete all hours of classroom instruction for the class. A probation violation will make it harder to expunge your DUI and will subject you to being resentenced for your case. 

Too many Absences from your DUI Classes will result in revocation of your driving privileges.

Your driving privileges are married to you obtaining proof of completion from the alcohol class that corresponds to your blood alcohol levels. (3 month/6 months/ 9 months). You are required to get a certificate of completion even if you enrolled voluntarily to get a restricted license. When your license is suspended, you needed to enroll voluntarily in a DUI court to get it back. This means that you need to complete the school requirements for the specified period of time; otherwise, your license will be suspended. 

Attending Classes in Person

DUI Schools are located in every neighborhood. You will not have a problem finding a school close to where you live. In addition, there are also online DUI school which are approved by the courts if you happen to live out of state or are planning to move out of California. However, there are pros and cons to going to an online school. The Cons usually outweigh any advantages. 

Where can I attend DUI school?

Every neighborhood has a licensed program/DUI school and several AAs in the area. These provide DUI program activities and for people who have been arrested and are facing court for alcohol and drugged driving offenses. They provide on a voluntary basis for getting a license and mandatory alcohol education for the courts. In many cases, the class fees can be paid all at once done in instalments (per class). A List of Classes for your neighborhood can be found here. However, there are pros and cons to doing classes around you which will be explained below. 

Pros of attending one inside your neighborhood

The advantages of attending a driving under the influence program in your neighborhood are that it is close, and you do not have to worry about missing classes. You are able to make it to you alcohol abuse and substance abuse without having too much of an impact on your life. This decreases the chance of you missing sessions of your program because the classes are very firm with attendance time and avoiding probation violations for missed program activities. 

Cons of Attending one inside your neighborhood

The cons of attending a class in your neighborhood are that there is a high chance you will run into your neighbors during your class hours. This can lead to awkward moments as both parties are in alcohol awareness classes. 

You can Do DUI Schools Online, but you Probably Shouldn’t

There are too many reasons why you should not attend a DUI School online. However, with all rules, there is always an exception. In a nutshell, an online DUI school can create more problems with the DMV and the court. This involves creating more ask you need to do, such as modifying probation and additional waiting times with the DMV.

If Doing DUI Schools Online then You Must Get Judge’s Permission

All judges in the Orange County Superior Courts upon a DUI Conviction will order you to attend DUI Programs in person for the level which corresponds with your alcohol level. They will expect you to complete all the hours of your alcohol classes in person as a condition of your probation. However, every now and then, there is a situation where a person will not live in the area and is only visiting the state and got a DUI.

For Times When Online DUI Schools are the Only Option.

When this happens, it is impossible for a defendant to stay in state for 3 months to complete an alcohol course and will need to do an online DUI course. If this is the case, then the person must ask for permission to do an online course at the time of sentencing. If you do not do this, then sign up for the class anyway. Then the class will not count, and you won’t get credit. You will run the risk of doing extra hours of alcohol classes for nothing. 

Your license will not get Reinstated if you do an Online DUI School.

If you have a California Driver License and do an online class, then you will not be able to get a restricted license. California DMV will only grant a restricted license to people who attained their alcohol programs in the state. This is problematic for people who have a California Driver License who get a DUI and move out of state. Many people who have California licenses will go to another state then do an Out of State Equivalent for the courts. However, California will put a hold on the license and cause problems with the license in the other state. 

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