April 5, 2021

Temporary license

The Orange Driver Safety handles APS DUI Hearings. When you are arrested for a DUI in Orange County, you are given a pink temporary license. The pink license will enable you to drive legally for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, that driver’s license will expire and your license will be suspended for 120 days.  This guide will explain to you how to get that stay of suspension on your license( extend your driving privileges after a DUI ) and some of the pros and cons of getting one.  

Things to keep in mind before you call Orange Driver Safety Office After Your DUI

You need to keep the 10 days in mind. This deadline is very firm and if you get it in on the 11th day then they will deny your request. There a few holiday exceptions but as an Orange DUI Attorney I just fax it in and I would recommend anyone doing it themselves or other attorneys do the same. The fax number is below.  

You can call or fax over to Orange Driver Safety after your DUI. 

When Calling Orange Driver Safety Office You will have two options.  There are options to faxing in the advantage is that your request will sit there while everyone else request gets filled. This means you will get a later hearing date. However, this means you have to play phone tag. But the fax method is excellent if you are running close to the 10-day deadline or if the deadline is going to land on a Saturday or Sunday 

Using the Orange Safety Office to get check the evidence on your  DUI

In addition to getting the police report ahead of your court dates, you can also get evidence on your DUI case you would normally not get. Machines are not never perfect and they should be checked and blood is often bad. It is no exception with a DUI. The breathe machine that was used for your DUI should be checked in this case. An Orange Driver Safety Office Subpoena will give you access to your maintenance logs and calibration methods and access to the blood so you can retest it for to fight your DUI. 

shows the orange driver safety office as seen from outside

Using Orange Driver Safety Office to Extend Your License After an Orange County DUI

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Get Your pink license ready before Calling Orange Driver Safety Office.

    Temporary license

    In order to extend your driving privileges using the Orange Driver Safety Office, you will need that pink license ready. When you call Orange Driver Safety Office they will ask you for your license, date of arrest, arresting agency, officer’s name, badge number, and type of test. If it is easily readable as is often the case then you should trace it over so you can have this information ready when you are asked.

  2. Call Orange Driver Safety Office

    The number for Orange Driver Safety Office is 714-703-2526 and their fax numner is 714-703-2511. If you have a DUI in another county you can find your local driver safety office number on our tools and resource page. In addition for drivers of other counties you can use this link on directions on how to request a DMV Hearing after a DUI.

  3. Take Down the Name of the Person Answering the Phone at Orange Driver Safety

    You will need to make a record of who you talk to when making request for your APS hearing. The last position you want to be in is saying that you talked with an anonymous worker at the driver safety and that you really made teh hearing on time. You will appear more credible if you had a name something bad happens.

  4. Orange Driver Safety Office will give you a date for your APS DMV hearing.

    Write this date down!. You will be good to drive until this date. They will usually do it on their own, but if you want to be carful then you can ask for a stay on your license.

  5. Watch for a New temporary license in Mail.

    Shows a picture of the temporary license given to people after they request a hearing at the Orange Driver Safety Office

    Orange Driver Safety Office will send you another license in the mail to replace your pink tempoary license. If you are not hiring a lawyer for your DMV hearing then you should read How to Prepare for a DMV hearing here.