Representation for People Who are charged with or Under Investigation for a Hit and Run in Orange County

Have Orange County’s top Criminal Defense attorney on your side. With a practice focused exclusively on criminal defense we have represented many people who were under investigation for hit and runs in the Orange County Area The majority of our cases come from Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Tustin and Garden Grove.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Stop the Investigation

If we are brought in early enough then we can assert your rights to the officer and stop the investigation.

Get Your Car Back

The local police department will tow your car and use it as bait to get you to talk to them and admit driving.

Get Insurance to Fix Your Car

We can help you to get insurance to fix your car while staying out of trouble for the hit and run at the same time.

Everything you Need to Know About Having a Your Hit and Run Case

Avoid the Conviction on your Hit and Run

You may never have to go to court for your case.