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General Information for Wesminster Courthouse

The Westminster Courthouse is one of 5 Courts in that serves Orange County and serves the cities of Garden Grove, Huntington Beach and the surrounding areas.

Visitors to the Superior Court must follow the rules when going into the courthouse. Be sure to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled court time to allow you time to get in. You should expect lines to get into the courthouse.


Rules for the Courthouse

The Sheriff’s secure this area and protect Visitors to the courthouse. Screens are provided to see where in the courthouse your case is at. The screen is right in front of the sheriff’s screening area. In addition, you can check the status of your case online at occourts.org.
General Information for Wesminster Courthouse

Belts must be removed, and all items must be put into a basket. The sheriff will have have you walk thru the metal detector. After walking thru the metal detector, you will see the screen on the right-hand side. This where you can find your case. The sheriff also protects the courthouse and courtrooms. Visitors are warned not to communicate with inmates as they are brought into the trial court.

At Any moment the courtrooms can be used for a trial, motion or calendar proceedings.

Information about your case.

If you have an Arraignment for a DUI or Shoplifting case at this location then your case will most likely be inside department W3. After your arraignment your case will go into W18 for what they call a pretrial.

If you have a traffic ticket, then your case is most likely in department 7. If it is your first court date (arraignment), then it will be scheduled for 8:30 in the morning. If it is for your 2nd court date, then you can expect it to be at 1:30 pm.

Instructions will be given to you after you leave the courtroom to pay your fines for your traffic violation or criminal matters. Resources are available for people who have cases at the county courthouse.

There are many agencies inside that caters to needs related to your case. Collections and alcohol liaison are on the right side of the building after you pass the metal detectors. Collections are where you can pay your fines. They will accept cash, check or credit card. This is also where you can work out a payment plan for your case as well.

The superior court provides access to the clerk of court for you as well. Many legal issues can be handled without a court appearance by going to the clerk. For example if you have community service due and you have not extended it yet then you can do to the clerks office. Many times the clerks have the ability to grant the first extension without you having to see a judiciary officer.

Printable Information About Your case

The courthouse also has a DNA Office. This is where you submit your DNA when you resolve your case if it was part of the deal. It is located on the second floor. You must bring your court paperwork with you when you go here.

The hours of operation are from 8:30-4:30.

Victim Witness (to arrange restitution if you case invovles an accident):

Phone number: 714-896-7191 

Email: [email protected]

OneOC: (to arrrange for Community Service/Physical Labor/Cal Trans) 

Phone Number: 714-953-5597

Email: [email protected]

Alcohol Liason (to arrange your alcohol classes and MADD Panel in cases of DUIs)

Web: www.ochealthinfo.com/courtprograms

Phone: 714-896-7327

Victim Impact Panel (call to arrange MADD Class) 

714-838-6199 extension 6652

Public Defenders Office 

14120 Beach Blvd., Suite 200

Westminster, CA 92683-4593

Phone: (657) 251-6562

FAX: (714) 379-3248

Toll Free: (866) 634-6225

Probation (if you want to have general questions or want to apply for SEC (House Arrest/Secured Electronic Monitoring) 

Phone: 714-896-7133

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