Domestic Violence Arrest Warrant – 3 Facts You Need to Know

Domestic Violence Warrant

Domestic violence is a grave matter that requires a delicate balance between protecting the victim and ensuring the accused’s rights are upheld. In Orange County, CA, the legal intricacies surrounding domestic violence cases are multifaceted. From the issuance of domestic violence arrest warrants to navigating the Orange County District Attorney’s procedures, understanding this complex system is paramount for those implicated. This guide delves deep into the workings of the domestic violence legal landscape, offering insights from an experienced criminal lawyer’s perspective.

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It’s important to know what to do when facing potential dometic violence charges. There will be protective orders and a legal case going on at the same time.

Faced with domestic violence accusations? Contact an experienced criminal lawyer immediately to protect your rights.

A Domestic Violence Arrest Warrant are issued by courts when a person is being charged with  any kind of domestic violence offenses but has not been arrested. It is an order from the court to any police officer to take the person into custody. The charge that accompanies these are 243e1 and 273.5. 

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In Orange County, CA You can check if you have an a Domestic Violence Arrest Warrant using the sheriff website

Usually when Domestic Violence happens the police are able to come out, take statements, then make determination to arrest or not.  However, in a about a quarter of the cases there will be one party who takes off and who will not be there when the police come by to gather facts.  If this is the case and the police only takes the facts from one side  then they will push the case forward which ultimately results in a domestic violence arrest warrant. 

When Do Police Officers Issue Arrest Warrant in Domestic Violence Cases?

Police do not issue Domestic Violence Arrest Warrants in every case. They issue Arrest Warrants when they are not able to find the accused. There may be  a number of reasons why they are not able to find the accused.  Flight, fear of being arrested, the accused may have been advised by counsel to stay away until the warrant comes. 

If you are accused of domestic violence and have a warrant then you should stay away from the police until you resolve the warrant. You may want to give your side of the story to explain the physical injury that the officer included in his police report  but the time for that has passed. It’s important that the warrant is handled the right way by bringing an experienced attorney and a bail bondsman on board. 

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Law enforcement will be there to collect evidence to arrive at a conclusion. Your story can be twisted around.

The Police Showed Up but I Left | Wasn’t There – A Criminal Defense Attorney’s Perspective

In many Domestic Violence cases either party will choose to leave to Get Some Space or avoid Arrest. Many of my clients will  leave a violent situation because they need to cool off or get some space. Many of my clients leave a fight or argument because they under the assumption that  that police will arrest them because of a mandatory arrest law when there is a domestic violence. Some clients leave a situation because they know they have done something wrong and don’t want to be arrested or they can be on probation and are concerned about the probation violation

Unsure about what to say if the police contact you? Before making any statement, connect with an attorney to safeguard your rights.

If the victim gives gives facts to the officer that you hit them and indicates that you’re dangerous then the officer will work with those facts and arrive at the  belief that you are dangerous.  As a result  a warrant will likely be issued and bail will be required. The bail is either 25000 or 50000 depending on whether there is injury involved.  

If the crime is for a misdemeanor your chances are much higher the Orange County District Attorney will send you a letter letting you know that charges will eb filed. When the officers leave they will write a report  prosecutors can still file charges, and you may receive an arraignment date.

You must appear at an arraignment because the court will want to address the protective order. Failure to appear at arraignment is almost always a Domestic Violence Arrest Warrant unless you have an attorney. If your attorney appeared without you then it is almost certain that the court will order you to appear at the next hearing (within days or a week) to address the protective order. 

There are also defenses related evidential issues to consider in a domestic violence case and related protective order to consider when dealing with types of cases. A experienced defense attorney will be able to weave the facts together and highlight the holes in the investigation.

Importance of Not Speaking to the Police Without a Lawyer Present

It’s important not to say anything to the police when you are accused and have a Domestic Violence Arrest Warrant.  A person, especially a suspect should never speak to the cops without their lawyer present.  Detectives  and  police officers, are specially trained to extract incriminating statements; they ask questions in an interrogative manner that there is no way of answering them without making some sort or incriminating statement. You can even be innocent and end up with a false confession if you are not careful.

What If Police Contact Me With A Warrant For My Arrest?

Defending Your Connecticut Warrant Arrest –

Police Officers in California  can get a  warrant for your arrest if there is probable cause that you committed any crime. 

Do I Have to Give a Statement to Police?

Police may ask you questions about what happened. You do not have to answer those questions. Even if you give a false statement to police, it could still be used against you. An experienced Orange County defense lawyer who is familiar with Domestic Violence Defenses can help you understand your rights and how to protect yourself.

How Long Does a Domestic Violence Arrest Warrant Last?

A Warrant for Domestic violence will last indefinitely. Arrests are usually made based on the victim’s word alone even without injuries. Once the court issues an arrest, the warrant stays active indefinitely. There are formalities that must follow before the judge will issue a warrant. 

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Lawyer for Domestic Violence Warrants in Orange County  CA

Do you know or think that there is a warrant out for your arrest because of a domestic violence charge in Orange County? You can look up to see if you have a warrant at the orange county sheriff website.  Alternatively you can call our office and we can look it up for you. 

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Is There a Warrant For My Arrest?

An active warrant means that the person named in the warrant is wanted by law enforcement authorities. If you are arrested under this warrant, you must go before a judge who will set bail. If you fail to appear in court after being released on bail, you may be re-arrested and held until trial. 

Have an Arrest Warrant? You Will Need an Attorney

Whether you are being accused of domestic violence against your spouse, or have an active warrant, you have the rights to representation. You may call the county clerk or jail  or check th sheriffs website to find out if there is an active warrant under your name.

What is the process for obtaining a Domestic Violence Arrest Warrant? What criteria must be met for a court to issue such a warrant?

The process of obtaining a domestic violence arrest warrants can be obtained by a District Attorney. Instead of following a complaint and sending out a letter, The District Attorney could just follow a complaint and request for an arrest warrant. It is a cheesy way to do things because it does not give the defendants a heads up about the court date. Instead, the defendant has to clear up the arrest warrant.

How can I check if there is an active Domestic Violence Arrest Warrant against me, especially in Orange County, CA? What resources are available to determine the presence of a warrant?

There are three ways to check for an domestic violence arrest warrant against you in Orange County, California. The first way is to check your name and information through By checking through you are able to tell whether or not there is a case against you and if there is a warrant for your arrest. The second way to check for a warrant for you is going to be through the Orange County Sheriff’s website. They have a warrant search option That lets you run your name through. Finally, the last way to check to see whether or not you have a warrant for your arrest is to call the local prosecuting agency. At the Westminster Courthouse, the local prosecuting agency will be the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

If I am accused of domestic violence and have an active warrant, what steps should I take to resolve the warrant properly? What role do an experienced attorney and a bail bondsman play in this process?

If you are accused of a domestic violence and have an active warrant against you, then you should consult with an attorney about your case. An experience attorney will work with a bail bondsman for the purpose of making the warrant go away. In addition, the attorney will also work with the bail bondsman in getting you a reduced rate for your bond. Finally, in cases of domestic violence where there are two people fighting, an attorney will also work on getting The judge to allow the two parties to come back together and live together as long as there is peaceful contact.

What are the implications of leaving the scene of a domestic violence incident before the police arrive? How can this impact the issuance of an arrest warrant?

The implications of leaving the scene of a domestic violence incident means that the person who left will not be able to give their side of the story. Although it is frowned upon to give your side of the story sometimes, it could help your case. In addition, when you are there at the scene, the police officer will be able to Take you in And you will not have to be a fugitive with a arrest warrant out there for you. After you are taken in, you can start working on bail to get out.

What should I do if I have received an arraignment date for a domestic violence charge? How does appearing at an arraignment relate to the issuance of an arrest warrant?

If you receive an arraignment date for your domestic violence charge, then it is important that you write it down and do not miss your date. If you miss your date at the arraignment, then the judge will issue an arrest warrant for you. In other cases you may show up to court and your case is not on calendar and may think that No Charges filed on Domestic Violence will be the case. However, they may another notice to appear which you miss that will result in your warrant.

What are the potential consequences of speaking to the police without a lawyer present when accused of domestic violence and having an active warrant? How can I protect myself legally during police interactions?

By speaking to a police officer without a lawyer presence, you are giving the officer a chance to write the narrative on your case. In addition to this, a lot of your words may be misconstrued into an admission. There are laws and procedures out there that’s designed to protect you from this type of interrogation. These are the 5th and 6th Amendments. The 5th Amendment is your right to remain silent, and the 6th Amendment is your right to an attorney. It’s important that you exercise both these rights and choose not to say anything to an investigator or police officer as you are being accused of a domestic violence case in Orange County, California.

Domestic violence charges and their associated procedures are not to be taken lightly. The repercussions of an arrest warrant, the importance of legal representation, and the complexities of the Orange County justice system highlight the need for awareness and understanding. Whether you are an accused party, a concerned individual, or simply seeking knowledge, it is essential to be informed about the legal avenues and protective rights in place. Always prioritize legal counsel, and remember the profound impact that decisions made today can have on the future.

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