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Deferred Entry of Judgement

Deferred Entry of Judgement Drug Diversion is an alternative for nonviolent drug offenders that can benefit more from rehab and education than going to jail with a criminal record. What typically happens in order for Deferred Entry of Judgement to take place is that. 1 The defendant pleads guilty to the charges. 2 the judge says whether he or she can go into drug diversion, and will suspend the proceedings usually for 18 months but can be up to 3 years. The person must go through an initial assessment. a minimum of 20 hours of education and counseling. And a conference that shows the person’s progress in the program. If the person completes these then the charges are dismissed. and the criminal record is erased except for few exceptions. However failing any of the steps, or not being eligible in the first place will still impose charges and sentences. This is a serious issue as having a drug history can impact your education, career, and social life.Deferred Entry of Judgement


In order to be eligible for Deferred Entry of Judgement Drug Diversion you must meet two criteria. You possessed drugs or were using them instead of selling them. And that the crime must have no included violence or threats. This includes but not limited to cultivating drugs for personal use. Public intoxication. Possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Are all eligible crimes that can lead to Deferred Entry of Judgement.

It also depends on personal history as to qualify you must have no drug related crimes. No revoked probation or parole without completion. Participation of a drug diversion program within 5 years of this offense. Or a felony 5 years before this offense. Having any of the above circumstances will disqualify you from being eligible.

Make sure to have an attorney that can represent you for deferred entry of judgement as it can save your career.


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