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Physical Punishment on Child

Physical Punishment on Child

Inflicting physical punishment on a child is a crime that closely relates to child abuse. However this crime is a type of child abuse. This is a more specific crime than child abuse is. This crime goes a little bit more severe than the typical type of child abuse. Physical punishment on child is charged when it fulfills 3 conditions. 1. you intentionally inflicted cruel physical punishment and/or injury on a child. 2. that the punishment inflicted caused a traumatic physical condition to the child. and 3. you unreasonably disciplined the child. A traumatic physical condition is a wound or some other bodily injury that was produced from the physical force. This means that the traumatic condition must be the natural and probable result of the punishment or injury. tat the injury or punishment inflicted was a core reason in causing said condition. And that the condition would not have happened without the physical injury or punishment. Natural and probable result is something that a reasonable person would know what is likely to happen if nothing intervenes. What does this mean to those who hit their child? Spanking is not unlawful for disciplinary purposes. However even though objects such as belts may be used, it must only be done in relation to the circumstance. This means that although its okay to hit your child, its not okay to over-do it.

Punishments for Physical punishment on child

This is a felony. However you may have the chance to see jail time instead of prison. You can see 1 year in jail or up to 6 years in prison with the possibility of a $6000 fine. Because this is a violent crime this will also add a strike to your record.

If you or someone you know was charged with Physical Punishment on Child speak to an attorney for help.Physical Punishment on Child

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