2 Things You Need To Know About Online DUI Classes In California

Thinking about Online DUI classes in California?

Did you get a letter of Notification of findings in the mail for your DMV APS Hearing? Do you want to get your license back? One question you have is whether you should consider one of the online DUI classes in California.  If so, then you need to read this blog post!

Notification of findings from DMV after a DUI
A Notification of findings of license suspension is sent out by the Orange Driver Safety after they decide to suspend a person’s license for a DUI

In California, driving under the influence has become a political problem. Politicians and bureaucrats must answer to the voters.  Lobbying groups such as MADD are campaigning every day to get legislators to go after people accused of driving under the influence. 

If you are one of the thousands of first-time offenders suspended by the DMV by a notification of finding or the court for a DUI conviction, you need to enroll in a  DUI to get your license back.  However, you will be curious about online DUI classes in California because they are tempting. This is because there are many advantages to doing an online DUI class in California. One of the main ones is that you cannot get your California Restricted License

The Pros of an Online DUI class in California:

Online classes are convenient.

The best thing about doing anything online is that you do not have to go out and drive yourself to class. In addition, you do not have to get people to drive you to class or risk driving to class on a suspended license. 

Online classes can be done at your own pace.

I see people violate probation all the time in court because they accumulated too many absences in their DUI classes. Once you get too many absences in your class, you are terminated and once you are terminated, you violate one condition of your probation. This results in a probation violation hearing for missing too many classes. If this is the first one, then the court will be lenient and reinstate you; however, this is not after a day off work or hiring an attorney to go for you. 

Online classes can save you a trip back to California.

Not everyone who gets a DUI lives in California. If you are not a California resident, then doing an online DUI class in California will save you a trip of coming back to California to finish your classes. Often, it is not realistic to come back to California several times a month to go to school. If so, you will want to get special permission from the judge to do your court-ordered DUI programs out of state and online. 

The  Cons of an online DUI class in California:

shows the Department of Health Care Services stance on Online DUI classes in California
The Department of Health Services in California does not recognize Online DUI classses

– Online classes may not reinstate your California driving privileges.

If you have a California License and get a DMV Notification findings or a  DUI Court conviction, you will need to do an in-person class (licensed program) to get your license back. DMV does not recognize an online DUI class in California as meeting the requirements for driver’s license reinstatement. This means if you do an online DUI class in California for the courts, you may have to do another one for the DMV to get your license back after a DUI because the online one is not licensed. 

Suppose you were convicted or suspended by California DMV for a Notification of Findings for driving under the influence. In that case, you may be facing a VC 14601.2, which is driving on a suspended license due to a DUI, which includes serious consequences including jail time, fines, license suspension or revocation, and insurance increases.  You should never drive while your license is suspended.  By doing so, you are risking getting caught and exposing yourself to criminal penalties. You need to consider this when picking a class. 

You need to be able to access the internet.

This will be a problem if you are in an area with spotty internet coverage and needs to be considered before signing up. 

Should I take an online or classroom class?

Whether a person should take online DUI classes will depend on their situation. If you are out of state or no longer live in California, consider an online DUI class. However, if you live in California and have access to an in-person class, then an in-person class is preferable to avoid complications. 

Which one is cheaper?

An Online DUI classes cost just as much as an in-person DUI class in California. 

Does taking an online class make me more likely to pass?

The online DUI classes have the same substances as the in-person ones. The advantage is that you can do it at your own pace, which can increase your chances of passing. 

Which Online DUI program must you complete?

This is a question you should consult your attorney because there are many pitfalls to enrolling in an online DUI program. They are not like in-person classes where you can enroll and have it accepted by everyone.  By enrolling in an online DUI class, you risk it not being accepted by the judge and wasting money on Ignition Interlock Device when there is no need for one by the DMV and using resources on unnecessary classes.

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