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Under Age DUI

How Serious is Under Age DUI?
Under Age DUI

DUI itself is a serious criminal offense, but under age DUI is more crucial crime in the state of California. California refers under age DUI is zero tolerance law. The law (vehicle code sections 23152 and 23153) prohibits a person under 21 from driving a vehicle with blood alcohol concentration of 0.01% or more. There would be serious consequence for under age defendants who have 0.05% or more. Likewise, the law is much intolerant to people who are under age than people who are over 21 and over.  This blood alcohol concentration is measured by preliminary alcohol screening test, breath, blood, or urine test.  Failure to submit alcohol screening test is an automatic license suspension for three years. After the arrest for under age DUI, the defendant must agree to do alcohol screening test. There are several ways to do the alcohol screening test, but the defendant must go through any test that is available immediately. Punishment for underage is much greater than who are not underage. Under age DUI is both criminal and civil cases. This is the zero tolerance law and it is very important to know what would happen after a under age person gets a caught for DUI. One of the consequences is that one year driving privilege suspension for the defendant that are convicted of alcohol and drug related offenses. There could be also 30 day restriction for a juvenile that gets two points in a year period. These juveniles need to be accompanied by their guardian, parent, or other licensed driver who is 25 years old or older. Also, during the probation period, probation means no violation of law and no fault accident. There is another law that permits the court to order the use of an ignition interlock device for people who are under age DUI and who drove under the influence. Thus, consulting with the right attorney is important after getting caught for the under age DUI.

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