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Fullerton police department does not put much effort into making notes for their Public Urination tickets in downtown Fullerton. As a result a good defense attorney who is familiar with the court room and prosecutor will be able to get a dismissal. 

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Fullerton Public Urination - Is it a Misdemeanor?

This has the potential to go on your criminal history .If this is charged as a misdeameanor then you MUST consult with attorney immediately. Having an attorney can mean the difference beween having your case dismissed or having a criminal record.

Whether the public urination will result in a criminal record depends on how you deal with it and how it is charged. Public Urination in California can be charged two ways. It can be charged either as a misdemeanor (which will go on your record) or infraction (which is equivalent of a traffic ticket) which will not go on your record.

What is the Punishment for a Public Urination in Fullerton?

A Fullerton public urination ticket is serious. A person cited for a Fullerton public urination will have to decide whether they want to fight the charge  or plead guilty and accept the misdemeanor.  The differences here are significant and can have a long-lasting impact depending on how you handle the criminal proceedings.


Long Term Consequences of a Fullerton Public Urination Conviction

Somewhere down the road, a person may apply for a job. A person will face a crossroad of answering yes or no to the question of “have you ever been convicted of a crime” and the person will have to say yes if he or she wants to be truthful. There are pros to pleading out quickly.

The first of which is the person does not have to hire an attorney and will save on the attorney fees. The second one is the person will be able to reopen his case and dismiss it if he knows how. (Assuming probation was given and he completed probation without any trouble) However, one also must consider the downside.

The cons include having a criminal record which will have the possibility of following you for life. The person will have to answer for the Fullerton public urination for the rest of his life unless he takes care of it.

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Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Public Urination Charge in Fullerton?

There are also other options you should consider. Such as whether you will hire an attoney, represent yourself, or go with the public defender. There are pros and cons to all the options as seen in the tables below.

What you have to worry about  is a misdemeanor on your record.  If you want to get away from the misdemeanor there’s a few ways you can handle this.

Option Pros Cons
Hire an Attorney Depending on your attorney, you should have access to them wheneever you have questions and you may never need to go to court. You should vet the attorney to make sure they are familair with your charge. There is attorney fees.  Our fees run from 850.-1200 depending on facts of case and criminal history.  (bettter facts and less history will result in lower price, set consult to find your price. )
Public Defender Excellent, knows the courts well and are in the courthouse everyday. Cost is lower. Income is taken into consideration but you will  have to qualify for their services and you will have to go to court to find it if they can represent you.
Represent Yourself There is a cost savings Substantial risk of missing courtdates and getting out negotiated by prosecutor.

Public Urination in Fullerton – Is It A Sex Crime?

Despite what you read online, a urination ticket in Fullerton Superior Court does not result in you having to resgister as a sex offender pursuant to Megans Law or a sex offender registry.  Many attorneys will try to scare you into hiring them by tellling you there are sex offender consequences because you did an indecent exposure. If you talk to one of them then you need to run the other way fast.

Can I Go to Jail for Public Urination?

Technically Yes but these are very minor offenses as they do not involve violence. Practically,  the answer would be no. It’s like going to the dentist and dying because of the novocaine shot. Other things you should worry about when talking with shady attorneys are when they tell you that you can go to jail for this. A public urination ticket in Fullerton alone will result in jail time unless you are on some kind of probation. The worse thing that can happen to is community service, some classes, and a criminal record

Are there Defenses to Public Urination? 

The Fullerton police department does not put much effort into making notes for their Public Urination tickets in downtown Fullerton. For example, there will be no police report on your case. Instead on their copy of the citation, they will have notes such as John Doe was urinating on Commonwealth.  As a result, a good defense attorney who is familiar with the courtroom and prosecutor will be able to get a dismissal via a civil compromise.

Avoid the long term consequences of a misdemeanor

Make an appointment and stay out of jail

What’s The City Ordinance on Public Urination In Fullerton?

Ordinance No. 2343 in Fullerton Says:  No person shall urinate or defecate in a:

No person shall urinate or defecate in a:

A. Public place;

B. Place open to the public or exposed to public view; or

C. Private place entered without consent of the owner, his agent, or the person in lawful possession thereof.

This section shall not apply to urination or defecation in any fixture provided for such purposes in any bathroom, restroom, dressing room, or similar facility. (Ord. 2343 (part), 1981).

Why is Public Urination Illegal in Downtown Fullerton?

City officials had meetings back in 2008  that aimed to rein in on rowdy revelers and excessive alcohol consumption. These meetings resulted in a Zero tolerance policy in the city of Fullerton about urinating in public in Fullerton and have directed the officers to cite them and send people to Fullerton Superior Court. 

However, the thing about downtown is these establishments are not bars. The restaurants don’t have five or six urinals. They have one toilet and when these restaurants double up as bars at night, that’s when you see a long line of people at the end of the day. This usually happens around closing time. Bars close and people leave.

The typilcal patron in downtown does not have the oppurtunity to use the restroom. There is only one or two toilets in each restroom and not 6-7 urinals as in most bars. Many people will have to relieve themselves after drinking for several hours.  The obvious thing to do is to go out to one of the many  parking lots or take a walk down to Commonwealth and to relieve yourself. 

Because  this occurs a lot in downtown and city officials have wanted to clean up,  they have instructed the police department  to be agressivness of writing the citations for these offenses. But one thing they have disregarded is that these citations can result in a negative criminal background check

Fight Your Downtown Fullerton Misdeameanor

If you are a Student at Cal State Fullerton then there are other Consequences of Being Charged with a Crime.

If you are a Student at Cal State Fulerton then there are other Consequences of Being Charged with a Crime. 

If you are a full time student at Cal State Fullerton then you subjected to the student council. The student council governs academic intregrity honesty, however they also delve into alcohol misuse, ability to manage stress, and come into play when students break the law. These actions result in an admistritive hearing at the person’s school. 

  • Behavior within the campus community which violates local, state, or federal law – such as the use, possession, or sale of illegal drugs, theft, hazing, etc.

What Behavior Can Result to a Referral to Student Conduct ?

Academic Integrity isn’t the only thing our office enforces. Any of the behaviors below could also result in your referral to a member of the student conduct team:

  • Alcohol Misuse can cause many problems for students – behaviors such as underage drinking, drinking in public, drinking and driving, vandalizing property while intoxicated, engaging in fights, public urination, commiting sexual assault, etc.

Using Your Clean Record to Dismiss the Case

In certain cases, we are able to use your clean record to make a difference on your case. However, this will only work on people with the cleanest records. The argument that would be made is that there is a bright future ahead for you and a misdemeanor will negatively affect you. For example, John enters a guilty plea and gets put on diversion then he goes out to Macy’s at South Coast Plaza and steals some clothes and gets caught then this guilty plea will be sued against him. There will not be much for the charging agency to do because the plea was already entered.