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“For more than a decade Prostitution Attorney Hieu Vu has remained an active force in the criminal defense community and has focused his practice on representing people accused of crimes in Orange County. A prostitution attorney is a lawyer who represents those people who have been accused of prostitution and/or sex crimes. It is important to hire an experienced prostitution attorney when facing criminal prosecution, because if you are convicted you may face jail time or other penalties..” -Hieu Vu

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hit and run citation


I  am a criminal defense attorney  located in Orange County, California. I defend people accused of prostitution, solicitation, and related crimes related to the sex trade. A prostitution attorney is a lawyer who represents those people who have been accused of prostitution and/or sex crimes. It is important to hire an experienced prostitution attorney when facing criminal prosecution, because if you are convicted you may face jail time or other penalties.


Law enforcement are over aggressive in pursuing charges for sex in exchange for money. Prostitution is a victimless crime. Many of these offenses are just males at a massage parlor or licensed professionals who got caught up with the wrong customers or overly agresssive enforcement by police officers. If you have been caught up in a prostitution charge then hire a criminal defense attorney who will focus on your case and not the money.

shows an officer questioning a person from their pov

The Defense process by a Prostitution Attorney in Orange County

The life of a prostitution or solicitation case is started months before the court date with an arrest. It happens with an arrest or citation given by an officer. The arrest or citation is given to a district attorney who then reviews it to determine if there is enough evidence to make a case for a prostitution conviction beyond a reasonable doubt.

From there, charges are filed with eh court and a date is given to show up to see the judge for an arraignment date. (This date is supposed to match the one on your ticket). The accused or defendant in this case must defend themselves either by themselves or use the services of a criminal defense attorney.

Who Can Face a Prostitution Charge in Orange County?

Pimps can face prostitution charges. They are subject to stiffer penalties because sex trafficking is taken seriously in Orange County. This is so especially around the location Santa Ana/Anaheim down Harbor Blvd.   

Johns or often referred to as sex purchasers by Law Enforcement are also candidates for prostitution and solicitation of prostitution charges.  They are often caught pulled into the system at massage parlor stings, on the street after picking up a young woman or after responding to an online post on yesbackpagebedpage, or erotic review. Despite insufficient evidence, they often plea to sex in exchange for money because of the system’s weight. 

Young Women or sex workers are also subject to these charges as well. They are often caught up with a pimp at various hotels,  work solo with a driver, or work masquerade as an independent contractor at a massage parlor on rubmaps.  The accusations against the sex workers will always involve some the agreement to do a lewd conduct involving the buttocks or some other are of the body for the John’s gratification. 

Orange County Prostitution rubmaps

Law Enforcement will read reviews off internet sites for the purpose of targeting establishment who they suspect are breaking prostitution laws

What are the prostitution laws in the state of California
California Prostitution Penal Code § 647(b) PC

Prostitution Laws aim to prohibit any exchange for money for sexual acts. However,  many escort services, providers, and girls have gotten smart at avoiding police prostitution sting so the legislature has made it easier to prosecute with a solicitation of prostitution statue (discussed below) 

bedpage police sting 2022

Law enforcement will frequently post ads on bedpages and other online sites to nab sex purchasers.


Elements of Prostitution

1)Agreement to engage in an act of prostitution with someone else  

2) Intended to engage in an act with that preson 

3) Did something to further the commission of an act of prostitution. 

California Penal Code 653.22 – 

What Does It Mean To “Solicit / Engage / Or Agree To Engage An Act Of Prostitution?

A person does not have to complete the acts of prostitution to be charged with solicitation. As weird as this sounds the state legislatures have made it easier for law enforcement to enforce these laws by giving them the solicitation statute. 

Males or Johns are often prosecuted under this statute when driving in the track. The track is an area in the community with a  reputation for prostitution. Orange County has two tracks, the first one is on Beach Blvd and the second one is on Harbor Blvd.  Officers assume any woman walking these streets are looking to make money in exchange for sex and any individual who picks her up are doing so for the purposes of solicitation of prostitution. This is often where the contact for will happen and investigation starts and the parties are cited. 

Orange County Prostitution the erotic review

Erotic review is a website used to find escorts.

Elements of Soliciting Prostitution

1) Delayed or lingered in a public place 

2) When they lingered or lingered did not have a lawful purpose 

3) He/She intended to commit prositution

if convicted of prostitution charge in orange county then a person will be ordered to stay away from this area.

An area that is freqented by sex workers walking around is referred to as the track by law enforcement.


Make an appointment and stay out of jail

What Are The Penalties For Prostitution Or Solicitation?

In addition there are also mandatory Aids testing. A conviction of prostitution or solicitation charges is usually a misdemeanor with probation.  However, the problem arises when there are multiple convictions for prostitution. When there are prior offenses then the penalties will go up and the prosecution will pursue jail time for the criminal charges.  If there are priors to either 45 day in jail for the first or 90 days in county jail  for the second time. 

What Are The Legal Defenses My Prostitution Attorney Can Make If I Am Charged With Prostitution Or Solicitation?

Prostitution defense attorneys can highlight the lack of evidence in your case.  Evidence of guilt for solicitation is often a problem for the prosecution because they need to prove that the defendant had the specific intent to commit prostitution.

Males Accused of Solicitation

More often then not, males who get dragged into solicitation charges were innocently engaging in conversations with an attractive woman.   Without actually having a confession that there was an agreement for prostitution or an undercover police officer as the female to relay the statement then the case should be dismissed for insufficient evidence.

Orange County Prostitution The Track

Beach Blvd is an area in Orage County patrolled by the Orange County Sheriff Department.

Providers Caught up in Stings

For the providers, law enforcement will come in agressive when before there has been any language of an exchange for sex. It’s an unspoken rule that many females are in the business of “just hanging with guys and teasing with no intention of having sex with them” However, law enforcement in Orange County often makes a hasty decision to arrest at first contact without the contractual terms for prostitution. 

Best Defense Strategies in Orange County Prostitution Cases

The best defense strategy is to pursue every avenue as agressively as possible.  Changes in the law have made it illegal to introduce condoms into evidence and this should be considered when deciding to go to a jury trial for the purpose of getting a not guilty charge.  On the other hand, if there was a confession made and no issues of proof then a plea bargain should be considered to keep a person’s record clean.

Pushing to trial to get a Dismissal

Recent updates in the law that aims to protect sex workers have made prosecuting prostitution trickier for law enforcement in Orange County. Senate Bill no 233. Has made it so that condoms can be excluded from a case. In other words, they can not use the presence of condoms as evidence that there were sexual acts in exchange for money going on. With agressive representation you can get good results on your charge

Orange County Prostitution Results 1

Good results can be obtained when prostitution charges are fought agressively.

Plea Bargaining for Sex Workers

Diversion programs are available to sex workers. Diversion is a program for people to get out of sex work and they often involve some kind of job training, school, work or both.  In the plea bargaining process, the prosecutor will want to see steps that are taken to change. Some of these include enrolling in school to becoming students.

Orange County Prostitution Defense

People involved in prostitution are not aware of the law or how serious it is. The law office is the best place to get help in Orange County for your prostitution case. 

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