November 12

Old Court Records – FAQ

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The passage of time for Old Cases is not always Bad. Many times a person can use it to their advantage.

Old Court Records can be located by using a Department of Justice Record Request. The reason why this is needed is because Courts will destroy their old cases and they will have no access to them. The court will put it on you to find your own records before they can expunge them.

If I failed to appear on an old Orange County case from a long time ago. Will I be taken in if I get pulled over?

Whether the court issued a warrant for you will be determining factor. In Orange County judges will issue warrants for all felonies and misdeameanors. It is very rare for them to issue the in infractions for failture to appear.

Can I use time to my advantage when working on clearing Old Court Records?

Yes. A lot of things can happen. Defense witnesses can disappear and memories fade. You can use these to your advantage for the purpose of defending your case the courts may also take in consideration how much of a different life lived, especially if these are drug cases that involve in drug habit and addiction, you’ll get kudos for it.

What other things can happen when my case gets old?

Other things that can happen when your case gest old are witness issues. Some witness issues include people forgetting or officers retiring. If this happens, it will make a world of difference.

Can I use this service to find Warrants?

Yes using this method for Old Court Records is prefered. . It’s probably better because you will not have to show up to t courthouse.

How to find old court records online

Time needed: 1 day.

There are times when the courts can’t find their own Old Court Records . If this is the problem then it will be your job. Thankfully, the department of justice provides this service. Below are instructions on how to find old court records online.

  1. Download Record Request from Department of Justice

    You can get the from at this link. Record Request for,

  2. Fill out Form

    Be sure you fill everything out completely. It will get bounced back.

  3. Do Live Scan at police station or UPS

    This process is quick but the service will cost you around 25-30 dollars.

  4. Wait and Watch the Mail

    It typically takes 3-5 Weeks for results to come back.


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