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40508a warrant

40508a warrant Arrests

A 40508a warrant results when a person fails to show up to court. This is also known as a failure to appear. A failure to appear when it is a misdemeanor and happens when a person signs a promise to appear in court and does not appear in court. This results in a misdemeanor which also is a new charge in itself. Sometimes, the new charge of failure to appear is more harsh than the original charge in the first place, which can just be an infraction. In addition to this, the new charge of failure to appear also accompanies what they call a 40508a warrant.

A 40508a warrant tells the police and law enforcement agency to pick you and arrest you whenever they want to see you. This doesn’t matter if what the reason is when they arrest you. For example, you can be a passenger in another person’s car, but a 40508a warrant will make the officer arrest you and bring you into the court. This is the case even if your underlying case was a minor traffic ticket. The ticket you missed has blown up to a full misdemeanor.

You will need an attorney to go into the court to quash the warrant on your behalf. If you are caught by a police officer anytime before going to the court, then you will be arrested. In addition to this, you will also need an attorney to work on reducing the 40508a warrant down to an infraction from a misdemeanor. This will save you from the trouble of answering for it on your job applications. Finally, you will need an attorney to represent you on getting your license back if you missed the court on a traffic ticket. In California, if you miss court and get a 40508a warrant, then you will need to take the necessary steps to get your license back from the court. This will involve a trip to court by itself.

Bench Warrant Attorney – 6 Things to Know

 Bench Warrant Attorney – 6 Things to Know

An Arrest Warrant in Orange County is an Order by a Judge to a Peace Officer to bring you in. 

Bench Warrant Attorney

This is how Orange County send out there arrest warrants.

It’s important to have an Bench Warrant Attorney on your side when facing a bench warrant. An  Arrest Warrant in Orange County tells the police to pick you up. Regardless of the reason for the warrant they must pick you up.  Warrants are issued for many reasons. However, police officers are instructed by the

Orange County Arrest Warrant

An order from the jduge is needed for an arest warrant.

courts to arrest and bring you in regardless of whether you are in the right or wrong.  This means that an arrest warrant in Orange County is valid even if the reason for the warrant is not valid or was a mistake! If the warrant is still in the system then they will take you in. Police officers will have no discretion when taking you in.




An arrest warrant can be issued for a number of reasons.


You have committed a crime outside the presence of police and have not been arrested yet: The police can come to the conclusion that you committed a crime. For example, they have come to the conclusion that you have committed a series of burglaries at a department store and have the video to establish probably cause for the purpose of your warrant. A Bench Warrant Attorney can help you clear this up without needing you in court.

A missed court date: A more likely scenario is  you promised to appear in court and did not show up. When a person is cited and he also promised to appear. 

Failure to appear to Court on a case is the most Common reasons for Arrest Warrants in Orange County and Los Angeles

Arrest warrants orange county

Arrest Warrants in Orange County can be issued for a number of things.

In Orange County this happens for a lot of misdemeanors and it’s important that you have a Bench Warrant Attorney to clear things up. . The misdemeanors in Orange County are often not filed on time. People and attorneys will come to court and find out that there case is not there. However, this does not mean their case will not be prosecuted or dismissed. A Bench Warrant Attorney will simply you this means that the case is not filed for that date. It could still be filed later and in many cases it often is filed later.  many Bench Warrant Attorney are told that often times will people will walk away from the courts thinking that they got away free. However, this is not the truth. You will only walk away free if you checked for the whole year and your case is a misdemeanor and it wasn’t filed. It’s important to talk with a Bench Warrant Attorney if you are facing this situation as he can check on your case without having you go to court. 

As a Bench Warrant Attorney in Los Angeles and Orange County I see this happens a lot because the court dates for the tickets are set up very far.  A person can get a ticket in January with a citation date for April. Courts will often give an extension out to  November. When this happens a person will to wait until November to handle their court ticket. In addition there is a long line at many court houses.  People will not want to wait in line and they will leave and not want to deal with things. As a result of this a court warrant is issued when the Los Angeles County Court calls a person and the person is not in court. It’s important to talk with a Bench Warrant Attorney to see your options.

Many people will say the matter was resolved and it can be the truth, however it is still in the system and an officer will be required to take you in if you have a bench warrant.  This happens regardless of the reason for police contact.

Another story told to many Bench Warrant Attorney for example, sometimes people are just sitting in the passenger seat of a car and the car gets rear ended.  The police will be contact to write a report and the police will notice the bench warrant, if this happens then they will be required to bring you and you will need Bench Warrant Attorney who deal with this situation in your area.

            Money: You have failed to pay your fines for a case. This happens when people resolve a criminal case and are put into probation but for one reason or another forget to pay their fines. It  is very common because judges will often give the attorney 2 to 3 weeks for their client to report to collections and the attorneys will forget to give the paperwork to their clients. It’s important that you have a probation violation attorney or a bench warrant attorney to help you out in your case.

            Missed Classes: A person has missed too many  classes as ordered by probation. This happens a lot with people are in the 52 week batterers class and people who are in the AB-541,18 Month alcohol class, and DUI Court.  These classes are required to report to court activities of non compliance. When this happens, there is a court date for the person with a warrant out for their arrest. It’s important to talk with a Bench Warrant Attorney or probation violation attorney when facing these matters.

            New Crime while on probation: As a term of your probation you are required to not commit a new crime. However, when you commit a crime on in the same county the Court will not issue you a warrant, instead the new crime will come with a probation violation. However things change when you commit a new crime out of county.

An Arrest Warrant will  be followed by a New Charge of Misdeameanor Failure to Appear and Driver License Suspension

                        A failure to appear in Southern California usually is accompanied by a suspension on a driver license. Depending on the county this can happen immediately or after a few months. It’s important to talk to a Bench Warrant Attorney on these cases.  The Warrant for Failure to Appear and the suspended license needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Bench Warrant Attorney often gets a case where a person gets caught driving while in this period, they are exposing themselves to driving on a suspended license.  This is referred to as a 14601.  This is a big no in California.  The results of this can be probation and a hefty fine. Depending on the facts the prosecuting agency or the court may hit you with a misdemeanor which will show up on your criminal record.

When you miss a California court date a new charge is added. There will be a Warrant for Failure to Appear. This new charge is the failure to appear. There are different consequences as for dealing with your Warrant for Failure to Appear..  Originally a failure to appear in Southern California is a misdemeanor in California.  This means it is punishable by a fine of $1000.00 and punishable up to 6 months which makes it cruacial that you hire  a Bench Warrant Attorney.  This rarely happens, there are way too many people out there missing out on their court dates because of family emergency or simply forgetting it. However, the downside is dealing the matter before you are pulled over by police officers and arrested because of the Warrant for Failure to Appear and driving on a suspended license.

Failure to appear in Southern California differs from county. They also differ from courthouse to courthouse.  Some judges deal with these by requiring bail and will not allow a trial until the bail is paid. Others are indifferent and will allow release on own recognizance. Bail is basically a deposit with the court. Think of it as a payment of your ticket in advance. Once the case is resolved, the money is either used to pay the fine or is refunded. If a person is represented by counsel  this significantly increases your chance for a dismissal or reduced fine mark off your criminal record. A Warrant for Failure to Appear must be dealt with as soon as possible.


Not Receiving a Notice in the Mail is not a Good reason for Missing Court.

A lot of times people will say to their Bench Warrant Attorney that they never got the notice in the mail. However, this does not make a difference as a person  has already signed a promise to appear in court when they are ticketed. This happens at the point of the ticket. When you are issued a ticket you and you sign the ticket then you are making a promise that you will appear in court. When you fail to show up in court then you will expose yourself to

Orange County Arrest Warrant

People do not live at the same address and may not get their warrants if it was for a crime they committed and there was no citation signed.

a new charge of failure to appear in court.  You need to show up for court.  When you get pulled over for a ticket you must appear.  If not you will be handed one of the many Warrants in Orange County.

Regardless of whether you agree with the ticket or not, you must show up in court. You signed a ticket which is also a promise to appear in court.  A lot of Bench Warrant Attorneys are that they did not get the notice to appear in court. However, this doesn’t really help their case if they signed the promise to appear in court when they were pulled over. In fact, going with this line of logic will only show to the court that you are irresponsible and only annoy them.

Warrants in Orange County are very common for not showing up in court. People get them more often. Most of the time people get them because they are too busy to deal with a ticket. Other times Bench Warrant Attorney are told people are too upset about the ticket so they decide they do not want to deal with it and it will go away.  (Like Bills) However, unlike bills tickets do not go away. It’s kind of like dating. Nobody likes to be stood up on a date. Courts are no different, except they can issue a warrant for you arrest if you do not show up.The bottom line?  Courts do not like to be stood up and if you stood up the court, chances are you will be needing a Bench Warrant Attorney on yoru side to clean things up.


You have Options at your disposal

At this moment, there has been a criminal proceeding that has started against you in the court of law.

1) Not do anything at all about your Warrant: This is possible. You can ignore the warrant. If you do this then you will ignore the warrant at your own risk. There will come a day when you are out and you will have police contact. When this day comes, the police will take you in for your case. If this day does come, it’s important to have a Bench Warrant Attorney by your side as he can get things moving fast.

2) Deal with the Warrant  Yourself: This is difficult advice to give because a person can deal with the warrant. However there is always a reason behind the warrant. The reason behind the warrant is just as important to deal with as well.  It’s important to know the reason behind the warrant and whether or not there is any bail issues for your case. This option is not recommended. It is better to have a Bench Warrant Attorney go in on your behalf.

3)Hire a Bench Warrant Attorney attorney to deal with your Warrant:  A Bench Warrant Attorney  may be able to deal with the warrant himself without having you at the court. This will lower your risk of being taken in.  It is impossible to take a person in who is not in court. The worst scenario in this case is that you will be ordered in to be taken in, but at least you will know that you are being taken in and you will have time to prepare and such preparation may include making arrangements for owed jail time or getting a bail bondsman ready at your disposal.

Arrest Warrant in Orange County

Public Urination citations can be either a infraction or misdeameanor

4) Contact a Bondsman and a Bench Warrant Attorney: If you are picked up for a arrest warrant then you will probably not be eligible for OR release. OR release is release based on your own representation to the court that you will appear for your court date. A court will be more willing to give you OR on the first time when you have not missed a court date. When you have missed a court date and get picked up on a bench warrant then the court will want bail.

The reason for bail is to ensure your next appearance at court. If you miss your date in court then your bail will be forfeited. Bail is money held by the court as a collateral to ensure your appearance. You will need to deposit with the court the money or use a bail agent to get out of jail.