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Urinating in Public Case

Urinating in Public Case urinating-in-public

Bars are a bad place to be especially around closing time. When it comes to closing time, many bars will not let patrons in to use the restroom. When this happens, people will go outside to use the restroom. Police officers are very familiar with the common spots that people will use to relieve themselves. There are many areas where police officers will wait just for this purpose.

A Urinating in Public Case can occur in a number of ways. In addition to this, which county it is can affect what it will resolve as or in other words, whether it will be resolved as a misdemeanor or an infraction. It makes a huge difference what the case will resolve for. For instance, if a Urinating in Public Case resolves for an infraction, then there will be no criminal record for the defendant and the fines will be significantly less. However, if the case is resolved as a misdemeanor, then the person will have to answer for the crime in future job applications. The job application will include the question “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” This is problematic as a person with Urinating in Public Case and they will have to answer that they have been convicted of a Urinating in Public Case.

It’s very important that you ascertain whether you are charged with an infraction or misdemeanor. Knowing this will save you money on the unnecessary attorney fees which will incur. If your case is charged as an infraction, then you will not need an attorney and you can pay the fine. There are many times that your case will not be charged a misdemeanor. One of indication of whether you will be charged with a misdemeanor or infraction is by looking at your ticket. The ticket should have a mark indicating whether it is an infraction (usually denoted by an I) or an misdemeanor (usually denoted  by an M)

301 – Urinating in Public Lawyer

Urinating in Public Lawyer

It’s important to know when to get a Urinating in Public Lawyer. A Urinating in Public Lawyer is not necessary in every case. There are lots of jurisdictions who charge their public urination as infractions. When a public urination is charged as an infraction, the stakes are much lower and a some people may choose to skip the Urinating in Public Lawyer. The cost associated with an infraction and what is at stake is much lower.  The cost for the public urination (infraction) will run 300-44 depending on the jurisdiction. This is not much considering that there are no collateral consequences such as a criminal record. However, there are other jurisdictions who charge their public urination as misdemeanor. A misdemeanor charge can ruin your life if it is not dropped or reduced.

Urinating in Public Lawyer

It’s important that your lawyer knows how to handle a public urination case.

There are a number of reasons why a person may have received a misdemeanor. The bottom line is that they can end up in public record and affect a person’s chances prospect at employment. This is unfortunate because public urination is a very common occurrence. There are many towns and downtown areas which are popular spots for people to drink. Often times these establishments will not have sufficient restrooms. This would result in a rush of people around closing time. The police officers whoa re familiar with the area will often wait right by the popular peeing spots and wait for people to come by and pee. This results in a charge of public urination. Fortunately all public urination can be dismissed or reduced by a good Urinating in Public Lawyer. A good Urinating in Public Lawyer will be familiar with the court house and how the judge judge and local prosecuting agency works. It’s important that you are properly represented if your public urination is charged as a misdemeanor. A good Urinating in Public Lawyer will make all the difference in the world.


Does Public Urination Go on Your Record? – Criminal Defense Attorney


Does Public Urination Go on Your Record? – If the M is Circled on Your Promise to Appear then it is a Misdemeanor

Public Urination is a crime that borders between infraction and misdemeanor. Officers will often say to show up to court and pay the fine, however people are often surprised they are

Arrest Warrant in Orange County

Public Urination citations can be either an infraction or misdemeanor

dealing with a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor will stay on your criminal record. This criminal record is run every time you apply for a job. In addition to that there are many job applications which ask if you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or any kind of crime. A conviction for a Public Urination in this since will cause trouble and hinder your ability to get a job.

Whether the public urination will result in a criminal record depends on how you deal with it and how it is charged. Public Urination in California can be charged two ways. It can be charged either as a misdemeanor (which will go on your record) or infraction (which is equivalent of a traffic ticket) which will not go on your record.

Misdeameanor conviction

Lots of employers will ask potential new hires about their criminal background.

 Public Urination as an infraction

If your case is charged as an infraction then this is good news. Cases that are charged as an infraction will not end up on your criminal record even if you plead guilty to it. You can think of a infraction as the equivalent of an traffic tickets. Traffic tickets only involve a fine and there are no potential for jail time thus there is not much of a need for professional help. However, the opposite is true if there has been a charge of a misdemeanor.

Public Urination as a Misdemeanor

Does Public Urination Go on Your Record?

Public Urination stays on your record if it is prosecuted as a Misdemeanor. It’s important to check your citation to see which was circled. An “M” would mean misdemeanor and an “I” would mean infraction.

The other way a Public Urination is charged is as a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor will go on your criminal record. Your criminal record will follow you everywhere you go. This includes jobs you apply for and licenses you apply for. A misdemeanor conviction will happen when a person decides not to fight the charge and goes into court the first day and pleads guilty to the charge. There’s a high chance that it will be a terminal disposition. A terminal disposition on a case means that the case has been resolved and done with. It will no longer be in the court system. With no probation, this means there will no probation violations or any kind of court supervision or jail time hanging over your head.

Why Does Public Urination Go on Your Record?

I suspect that it is more political than anything else. You are not committing a crime of the century. Actually it is more of a crime of youthful indiscretion. Some people prefer to think of it as “when you gotta go you gotta go” However, police officers are under pressure to clean up the city and keep citizens happy. Nobody likes out of towners coming into town and pissing all over the place. So as a result they have started charging with Public Urination as misdemeanors which leads it to go on people’s records.


What are the problems with a Public Urination Case?

Many police officers will arrest a person or cite them for public urination when they think a person is relieving themselves. This is independent of whether or not you were really relieving yourself or not. Most of the time the police will get it right, however there are often times when a person will not be relieving themselves but get cited at the same time. This happens a lot when there are crowded areas and police are camping out in busy downtown areas. Police officers will know the usual spots, sit there and watch for suspicious people. Unfortunately what will happen is that people will go with friends and attempt to relieve themselves and not fully do it yet when this happens an officer will roll up and cite the person.

For example, the police officer is watching John and Joe as they leave the bar. John and Joe are out drinking and it is 2am and they have left the bar and there are no restrooms. Joe goes to the garage to relieve himself and John needs to relieve himself too but hesitates. After watching Joe relieve himself, John decides to follow but only goes to unzipping his pants when he is stopped. He has not started the process yet but intends to start. The officer will light up both John an joe and cite both of them. However, only Joe is the one responsible for the crime, John has only attempted to urinate in public.


When Does Public Urination Go on Your Record?

I am often asked the question of When Does Public Urination Go on Your Record? Some people think that it goes on your record at the moment you are given the ticket. This is not true. There are law in this nation and the state must prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt or you admit guilt before they can put a misdemeanor on your record. There are several burdens of proof. The 3 main level of burden of proofs are 1) Preponderance of the evidence, 2) Clear and Convincing, and 3) Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

  • 1) Preponderance of the evidence: A reasonable person thinks it is more likely that you are relieving yourself.
  • 2) Clear and convincing evidence: A reasonable person is pretty sure that you are relieving yourself.
  • 3) Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: There is no doubt that you are relieving yourself.
    Orange County DUI - Burden of Proof

    The prosecution must show guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.


Often times in Civil cases a preponderance of the evidence is good enough for guilt.

What to do?

It really depends on your goal and type of person you are. To some people a criminal record does not matter. Lots of people already have criminal records in their background. If that’s the case then one more public

Public Urination

It’s important to have the right attorney for your case.

urination misdemeanor will not matter much. However, if you have a clean record then you may want to think twice about going in and taking a misdemeanor for your record. If your only goal is not to go to jail regardless then you won’t need the help of an attorney on your case. The chances are very high that you will be given a conviction and a terminal disposition on our case and you will go home with no jail time. If you are charged with a misdemeanor public urination and have a clean criminal record then it is important that you get professional help for your case. If you’re in Orange County and your case is in Fullerton then having an Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney on your case who can get good results can mean the difference between having a criminal record or getting an infraction.

Fullerton public urination – What will happen next?

Fullerton public urination

A Fullerton public urination citation is serious business. A person cited for a Fullerton public urination will have to decide whether they want to fight the charge or roll over and plead guilty. The differences here are significant and can have a long lasting impact depending on how you handle the criminal prooceedings.fullerton public urination ticketfullerton public urination ticket

Public Urination

Fullerton police department does not put much effort into making notes for their Public Urination tickets in downtown Fullerton. As a result a good defense attorney will be able to pick apart the case.

Somewhere down the road a person may apply for a job. A person will face a crossroad of answering yes or no to the question of “have you ever been convicted of a crime” and the person will have to say yes if he or she wants to be truthful.  There are pros to pleading out quick.  The first of which is the person does not have to hire an attorney and will save on the attorney fees. The second ones is the person will be able to reopen his case and dismiss it if he knows how.  (Assuming probation was given and he completed probation without any trouble) However, one also must consider the downside. The cons include having a criminal record which will have the possibility of following you for life. The person will have to answer for the Fullerton public urination for the rest of his life unless he takes care of it.

Misdemeanor Public Urination


What kind of Charge is it?

A public Fullerton public urination is charged as a misdemeanor.  This has the potential to go on your criminal record. Fullerton police department along with other police departments have taken steps to aggressively enforce this law.  This crime occurs a lot in downtown Fullerton. This usually happens around closing time.  Bars close and people leave. The problems are some many people will forget to use the restroom as they leave.  This in combination with alcohol moving thru the system will cause a sudden urge to go. Some people for one reason or another will not be able to leave. When this happens and a police officer is around this will result in a Fullerton public urination case.  It’s never wise to cough up and take a guilty plea for his. This is difficult for most people after they plead guilty. The reason is because many public urination cases happen when a person is in their 20’s.  Often times these charges will play catch up later in life when a person is applying for a job. If this is charged as amisdeameanor then you MUST consult with attorney immediately. Having an attorney can mean the difference beween having your case dismissed or having a criminal record.


Fullerton Police Department

Lots of things have happened with the Fullerton police department lately. There has been many controversies involving police misconduct. One of the fallout of these is the introduction of the body camera to the police officer.  This is significant in a public urination case because often times people are already done peeing when they are approached by a police officer. It this is the case then having the video of the officer’s body camera will help a lot in the case and would lead to a dismissal of the charge. However,  if it does not seem good then it is a good idea to not request the body cam of the police officer as it would cause problems for the case. It’s always a strategic call. fullerton public urination ticket

Fullerton Urination

It’s important to have the right attorney who knows how to handle your Fullerton public Urination Case.