Representation for People Who Have an Arrest Warrant in Orange County

Have Orange County’s top Criminal Defense attorney on your side. With a practice focused exclusively on criminal defense we have hundreds of Arrest Warrants related to DUI, Suspended Licenses, Failure to Appear in Court and Felonies.  

Why Hire an Attorney?

Recall the Warrant without Going to Court

Many of our clients do not live in California anymore or just do not want to go to court because of the fear of being taken in.

Avoid Negative Job Implications

A warrant for arrest is frowned upon when applying for a job. Many times people do not know they have one.

Stay Out of Jail

Warrants are orders from the court to take people in. In many cases we can head off the warrant and have it quashed.

Everything you Need to Know About Having a Warrant

Avoid being taken on your Warrant.

You may never have to go to court for your case.