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Westminster Courthouse



Westminster Courthouse

About the Courthouse


It is on the Corner of 13th and Beach. Court starts at 8:30. There are 4 areas to park at the Westminster Courthouse.  3 of them can be accessed on 13th street.  The new structure is a pay lot at 1.50 an hour.

Cities and Common  Cases Covered By Westminster Courthouse.

Westminster Courthouse handles criminal cases for Garden Grove, Westminster, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Cypress and the surrounding areas. The Westminster Courthouse has a mix cases. most of the cases at the court are felonies and misdemeanors and traffic.  The Felonies are in room W1 and W2 and the misdemeanors starts out in Department 6 and move upstairs to Department 15.  After Departmetn 15, the cases gets reassigned to different courtrooms.  In addition, the courthouse also handles expungement for the misdemeanor cases.

1st Offense DUIs
The First Court Date on your DUI at Westminster Court in W6

The Westminster courthouse has one of the highest volume of cases for DUIs.  There are lots of DUI’s going on around the hallway. First DUI Cases are handled inside department 6.  This part of the case is called the arraignment.  The arraignment is your first court date.  It is the date you can come in and say guilty, not guilty or ask for more time to consult with an attorney.  W3 is always a crowded room. You must be there at 8:30 and be there for call by the bailiff. If you are late then a warrant can be issued for your arrest.  It is advisable to let the bailiff know if you are late so that way they know you are there.

Westminster Courthouse
It is best practice to check your name on the television screen on the right side of the metal detector.
After You Enter a Not Guilty Plea in Westminster Courthouse W15

After you enter a not guilty plea in W3 the court will give you another date which is 30 days out.  The net date is called a pretrial. A pretrial is a chance for you or your attorney to discuss the case with the district attorney and try to resolve the case short of a trial.  Inside Westminster Courthouse this is done in W152. W15 is on the right side of the courthouse. There are two doors to W15. The one on the right leads to the district attorney room.

Shopping Lifting Cases from Sephora in Costa Mesa

One of the cases I have a lot of success on are the Shoplifting from Sephora at South Coast Plaza.  These often involve female students, moms, doctors and lawyers who get themselves into trouble for stealing. The reasons for stealing are all over the place. They steal because they have nothing to do, they do it because they are stressed, and there are others who do not know why they do it. With the right foot work, an attorney can maneuver their client into a class. These cases take a similar path as the DUI’s. They start out inside department 6.  From there it is important to deny the allegations against you. If you plea to the court then it will hit your criminal record.

It’s important to have the right attorney handling your case.

You will want a local attorney who is familiar with what is going on insdie the courthouse. Your attorney should know the prosecutors who are in there as well as their schedule.  An attorney who is in their regularly will also know when the udge is on vacation when he would be back. This type of information may come in handy when trying to strike a deal for the case.

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Hieu Vu

“To the client, every angle is important, there’s a number of questions, and each person also have their own worries. Some will need a person to listen to them. At the end of the day, it’s more than just delivering legal results. I put a 110% into every person I work. I strive to make sure everyone knows what is going on and is kept in the loop as the case goes on. The practice of law is more than just getting the results in court.” -Hieu Vu

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