40508a warrant


October 27, 2013

Orange County Bench Warrant

40508a warrant Arrests

A 40508a warrant results when a person fails to show up to court. This is also known as a failure to appear. A failure to appear when it is a misdemeanor and happens when a person signs a promise to appear in court and does not appear in court. This results in a misdemeanor which also is a new charge in itself. Sometimes, the new charge of failure to appear is more harsh than the original charge in the first place, which can just be an infraction. In addition to this, the new charge of failure to appear also accompanies what they call a 40508a warrant.

A 40508a warrant tells the police and law enforcement agency to pick you and arrest you whenever they want to see you. This doesn’t matter if what the reason is when they arrest you. For example, you can be a passenger in another person’s car, but a 40508a warrant will make the officer arrest you and bring you into the court. This is the case even if your underlying case was a minor traffic ticket. The ticket you missed has blown up to a full misdemeanor.

You will need an attorney to go into the court to quash the warrant on your behalf. If you are caught by a police officer anytime before going to the court, then you will be arrested. In addition to this, you will also need an attorney to work on reducing the 40508a warrant down to an infraction from a misdemeanor. This will save you from the trouble of answering for it on your job applications. Finally, you will need an attorney to represent you on getting your license back if you missed the court on a traffic ticket. In California, if you miss court and get a 40508a warrant, then you will need to take the necessary steps to get your license back from the court. This will involve a trip to court by itself.