November 11, 2020

Being arrested and Charged with a Orange County Petty Theft/Shoplifting PC 484 mean you will be stuck with a criminal record.

Being Arrested for PC 484 Shoplifting does not mean you will have a criminal record. There are ways to get out of this even if you were caught red handed.

How to Drop a Orange County Petty Theft/Shoplifting PC 484 charge.

Total Time: 4 hours

Set Aside an Entire Morning

Court appearance is only 2 minutes, but you will sit there waiting for hours until you are heard.

Go to court on the date of appearance on your ticket.

Your date of appearance will be the bottom of your citation.

Look at the Screen and find your courtroom

These are the screen right next to the bailiff’s station.

Wait for the District Attoreny in the Courtroom to Negotiate

When negotiating keep in mind they are worried about you doing this again and your past criminal record.

Why are they concerned about my Past for a Petty Theft/Shoplifting PC 484?

Prosecutors are more willing to negotiate with someone with ac lkean record because they understand a mark on your record means you have a harder time finding work and that does not serve society well.


There are options out there for you to explore. One of these options is what we call a diversion program. The diversion program is a deal in the middle. When we say in the middle, we mean we make a compromise and we let the prosecutors know that you have learned your lesson and you’re willing to take classes to correct your wrong. In addition to that, you agree to go back and forth, maybe make some kind of donation or put a sample of your DNA into the database. This deal is negotiated back and forth and eventually we want to get to your criminal record getting clean. If the amount of theft is below a thousand dollars, we can get you this type of results.

Delayed Sentencing

The other alternative to a diversion program is some kind of delayed sentencing. A delay sentencing is kind of like a contract. We put the contract off of 90 days and during this time you have a set of terms that you have to do.

Timing and Schedule

These terms might be classics, DNA, or some kind of community service. Once you do these terms, you come back within 90 days, your case will be dismissed. Don’t forget to stick around for my free expungement ebook that will clean your criminal record. In conclusion, there are two ways to drop your petty theft charge. The first way is through a diversion program, and the second way is through some kind of delayed sentencing.