March 18, 2021

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Caught Stealing at Target – What to Do and Advice

If you have been Caught Shoplifting at any of Target’s Orange County Location, my office can help you out with your civil case and your criminal case at the local superior courts.

Over the years I have helped hundreds of people dismiss their shoplifting cases. I can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case at Target.

  1. What Happens if You Get Caught Stealing at Target?

    Shoplifting Citation with an apperance date at the bottom.

    If you get caught shoplifting at Target then Loss prevention will stop you at the front door and bring you into the back room. The backroom is where they will take back the items you had on you and start asking you about why you were shoplifting to get an incriminating statement from you. (to Rule out forgetfulness)

    Depending on the city (As some police departments take more time to show up) you may wait 10 minutes or up to several hours for the police to show up. Once the police show up, this is where you the officer will give you a citation for a petty theft charge and send you on your way. The citation also counts as an arrest.

  2. I was caught shoplifting at target and received a letter in the mail demanding $250 do I pay it or ignore it?

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    Many states will have a statute that enables victims of crimes to be compensated if there is a criminal case going on for theft of property. The victims, in this case, are the Target stores and they will use this law to go after you and demand money even if the Target employee got the items back. The amount is usually between 250 and 500 dollars. This doesn’t matter if you got caught for stealing a 10 dollar item or higher-priced items like a laptop.

  3. Can You Get Caught Stealing After You Leave Target?

    Yes. You can get caught shoplifting after you leave Target. Target has many cameras and a highly trained loss prevention team. They re good at identifying people who come into their stores and commit crimes by taking merchandise and have a high rate of convictions of thefts. Many people who are caught shoplifting from their stores were caught because they came back. It was not the first time. They may not have come back to the same store, but that doesn’t matter because Target has the ability to identify shoplifting suspects from multiple stores.

  4. What Will the Criminal Complaint for Shoplifting at Target Say?

    Shoplifting Consequences Complaint

    The criminal complaint by the Law Enforcement and the Orange County District Attorney will have penal code 484 on it. This is the penal code for shoplifting in Orange County. For more information on Shoplifting punishments and how to keep your record clean, you can go here.

  5. Where will I go to Court if I am Accused of Stealing at Target?

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    It comes down to the location of the Target you got shoplifting at. You will end up at one of the five courthouses in Orange County. In a nutshell, Orange County is divided to North, South, Central and West. If you were caught shoplifting at a Target in South County then you will go to the Newport Courthouse. Cases in the middle (Santa ana, Orange) will go to Central Justice Center. Cities Up North, like Buena Park and Anaheim, will go to Fullerton and targets around Westminster and Huntington Beach will go to Westminster.