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Theft Crimes



Theft crimes can be charged even if you happened to just do it by an honest mistake. Theft crimes is just an umbrella term that covers a different types of theft.  If you have been charged with theft crime, then the common charges include. Petty theft, which is stealing properties that have a value of under $950. Petty theft is a misdemeanor, however a second offense will be charged as a felony. Grand Theft, which is stealing properties valued over $950, again, can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Grand Theft of a Firearm, falls under grand theft. Any theft of a gun also counts towards a felony. Grand Theft Auto, is a grand theft regardless of the vehicle’s value. Burglary is entering a building with the intent of theft. If it is a home, then the burglary will have a strike on his record. Auto Burglary is breaking into a locked car to steal it. Embezzlement, the stealing of property entrusted to you by another person. Receiving stolen property, occurs when someone buys or receives property who has the knowledge that it was stolen. Robbery, is the use of force or fear to take property from someone immediately. Robbery will count towards a strike. The last common theft is carjacking, the use of force or fear to take a car from someone immediately.

Punishments for Theft crimes

Theft crimes can all see at least a misdemeanor charge. It’s also important to note, that a lot of the charges depend on the severity of the crime, and any prior history. Someone who has a clean slate before he commits a petty theft will most likely see just a misdemeanor with small charges. A second offense however, will most likely give a felony under most circumstances. Having an attorney help you with the judge can lower any consequences.Theft Crimes

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