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Tampering with a Vehicle



Tampering with a Vehicle

Tampering with a Vehicle is a crime that falls under the vehicle code laws. Tampering with a vehicle is self explanatory. You damaged or tampered with someone else’s vehicle. To be legally charged with this crime you must meet 3 conditions. 1. You willfully damaged or tampered with someone else’s vehicle or the content of that vehicle. This includes breaking parts of the vehicle itself. 2. You did not have the owners consent to do so. And if you were working with someone else or with a group 3. you acted in association with one or more persons. to willfully commit an act, you must have done the act on purpose. Theres no requirement saying that you had to break the law or hurt someone to willfully commit an act. A vehicletampering with a vehicle is legally defined as a device that people or things may be moved on a road or highway. In legal definition this does not include devices that use human power or that is only used on stationary rails and tracks. This means that bikes are not covered in this crime. When working in association with one or more people, you join with them to carry out the same unlawful act. An example of case of tampering with a vehicle may go like this. You walked out in the parking lot and on the way to your car you saw an unlocked car. Inside you saw a couple of cd’s however not liking them you just tossed em out and left trash in his car. However this is only plausible if you intentionally decided to tamper with his vehicle. If you thought that it was your car and it was unlocked by coincidence then you have an accident defense.

If you or someone you know was charged with tampering with a vehicle, you need to have an attorney help you with your case.

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