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Sexual Battery & Assault



Sexual Battery & Assault

Sexual Battery & Assault. Sexual battery & assault makes it a crime to touch the intimate parts of another against their will for sexual desire. The “touch” means that you made contact with the victim directly or through clothing. Intimate areas includes sexual organs, anus, breasts, or the butt. Against their will means that if you did not get their consent then its a crime. If they gave their consent because you lied them, you can still be charged. Unlawful restraint happens when the victim is controlled through words, acts or authority against their will. Example would be a professor keeping a student in the room blocking the door with a chair. Depending on the case, the sexual battery can be a misdemeanor or a felony. It can be a felony if the victim was unaware due to a professional practice (ie. medical, massage). Or if the victim was restrained unlawfully. If the victim was medically or seriously disabled. And if they were forced to masturbate or touch your/others intimate area. It can be a misdemeanor if you fondled with a stranger’s breasts without their consent. It can also be a misdemeanor if you put your hands on someone’s butt without their consent. Some examples of felony sexual battery & assault include forcefully taking off someone’s pants. Another is if a professional massages his patient’s breasts for medical purposes.

Punishment for Sexual Battery & Assaultsexual battery & assault

If convicted of a misdemeanor you could see up to 6 months in jail. Up to a $2,000 fine ($3,000 if it was an employee). And an informal probation up to 5 years. This could be community service, batterer’s education program, or a program designed to cope with sexual desires. And/Or you will be required to register as a sex offender for a  life. As a felony you can see a formal probation. Up to 4 years in prison (5 if there was great bodily injury). Up to a $10,000 fine. And/Or you will be required to register as a sex offender for life.

If you were charged with sexual battery & assault, find an attorney to consult with.

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