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Robbery Penal Code 211 PC

Violent Crimes



Robbery is a serious offense. You can be proven guilty for a robbery if proven you were taking property that didn’t belong you with the use of force and threats. It has a wide range of technicalities that can make it considered as another crime as well. The most common offenses that can be related to robbery can include carjacking, grand theft auto, burglary, false imprisonment/kidnapping, extortion, and California assaults.

To fall under the category of robbery you must have taken the property, are in possession of it, stolen within reach of the victim, against that persons will, and with force or fear.

Punishments for Robbery

If you were charged with robbery, you have committed a felony. For robbing you can jail time that can last 3 to 6 years depending on the severity of the robbery. These circumstances change depending on what also happened on the scene. Being in a gang, using a fire arm (whether or not shots were fired, or people hurt can change the sentence), or causing great bodily harm to another individual during a robbery can affect the final decision. The important fact to know about robbery however is that it is considered a violent felony. Having three violent felony strikes on your record will sentence you for a minimum 25 years to life sentence.

Defense against Robbery

Robbery can only be legally defined as the the act of taking property of another individual, keeping it for yourself against that persons will with the use of force or fear. Common defenses would proving that you did not have the intentions to take the property. Taking the property without the use of force or fear, however this would only change the crime committed to perhaps embezzlement. You can prove the item was supposed to be yours, as it belongs to you. False accusations and Mistaken identities are also possibilities that are used. Having a proper attorney can reduce the impact of the crime and save you time and trouble.

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