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Real Estate License & Crimes



Real Estate License & Crimesreal estate license

Real Estate License & Crimes. Being a professional can cause huge amounts of stress. Stress makes people do stupid things. Unfortunately those stupid things can come back to us and as a professional you can lose a lot more than just time and money. A person puts a lot of their blood sweat and tears into their careers. Losing that license can cause a huge economic stress on your life. The department of real estate handles Californian agents and brokers. This includes enforcement actions.  You can have your license be denied to you if you commit a crime that is “substantially related” to real estate. If you have a guilty plea or a guilty verdict then you can have your license be denied to you. Although the wording for the crime is known as “substantially related”, it covers a very wide amount of crimes. The crimes hat can get your license in danger can include but aren’t limited to dishonesty, drugs/alcohol driving, and sex offenses. Everything dealing with or around any of those topics put you in a very bad spot. Basically crimes that deal with people will all get you in trouble with the department. The department of real estate will evaluate each case for rehabilitation. They will look at the history of the case such as when, where, why, and how it affects you today. Depending on each case the department will suspend or possibly do a revocation of your license. The best way to keep a license is to just stay out of trouble. Unfortunately not everyone has an easy time in their lives. Since the wording is vague, its best to just stay clear of any crimes since you can be punished by anything short of a petty theft.

If you were charged with a crime that put your professional license in danger, speak with an attorney. No one should lose a license that takes years to get in a single bad day.

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