October 19, 2012

Urinating in Public

Urinating in Public

What is it?

Urinating in Public happens very often. Many of my public urination cases originate from downtown Fullerton.  The usual scenario is a person would walk out of the bar at night right before closing time after a night of drinking.  However, they realize they have to use the restroom before they go home for the night.   The bar is closing and people are rushing out. There is an empty alley down the street where there is no one hanging around. They are sure no one will see them if they go take a quick one. What do they do?


Unfortunately for a lot of clients who are caught for Urinating in Public there are cops cruising around.  Cops are not dumb. They know what a person is doing in a dark alley after the bar closes. All my clients who have been caught for Urinating in Public do not see the cop until it is too late. In addition to this, Fullerton cops are hip to this. They’ve been doing this since the beginning of downtown Fullerton. This is not their first time around the block.


Typically, most of my clients who are caught Urinating in Public are law abiding citizens. They are people who have never had a criminal record. They are just leaving the bar and the next thing they are getting a misdemeanor citation.

Urinating in Public
Downtown Fullerton aggressively enforces their public urination laws.

The court date is always a few months out from the ticket date. The court date will take multiple appearances. You must get an attorney if you are serious about protecting a clean record. You are facing probation, fines, and a criminal record.   Another thing to consider is that some of these Urinating in Public citations are issued as misdemeanors. This means if convicted, it will stay on your criminal record. You will have to answer that you have been convicted of a  Urinating in Public charge. Employers will frown on this and use this to prejudice you. The easiest way to check is to call look at your citation to see fi the M is circled as opposed to the I. If the M is circled then you MUST consult with attorney immediately to protect your rights. Having an attorney can mean the difference beween having your case dismissed or having a criminal record.