May 21, 2014

Picture showing sunset at Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach Public Urination

Hermosa Beach Public Urination crimes are unfortunately too common. Hermosa beach is popular with parties, bars, and restaurants. Problem is at those local bars on Pacific Coast Highway, Hermosa Avenue, and # Piers avenue, they kick you out or don’t have restrooms. People need  a place to urinate and when the local bars don’t let them, there’s not a lot of options. Unfortunately the police know this as well. The police officers are trained to see signs of public urination. You can be caught even if you thought you were discreet about it. Simply standing over grass in an awkward fashion will most likely get a police to give you a ticket, even if you did not start urinating yet. Since just based on the assumption that you were going to urinate, they can give you one. The reason why Hermosa Beach Public Urination is taken seriously is because the city itself takes it seriously. They don’t want to be known as the area that gets pissed on and is known as a public restroom.Hermosa Beach public Urination

Punishments for Hermosa Beach Public Urination

Getting a public urination ticket at Hermosa beach will count on your record as a misdemeanor. You will be fined, and if were charged with public indecency you may have to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. Having any of these on your record can severely impact your chances at getting a job, or staying at your job. Employers look down on these offenses and may try to replace you. Teenagers and young adults shouldn’t be punished by an act that they had to do. If a restroom is not publicly available for them, that makes them easy targets for officers.

Make sure to get professional help when given a public urination ticket. Its not fair for someone to be fined because they had no other option. Hire an attorney that’s able to see the flaws in the case to reduce or dismiss your charge.