January 4, 2014

Orange County Prostitution & Solicitation

If you are charged with Prostitution & Solicitation then you need to speak with an attorney. Orange County is taking a harder stance on Prostitution & Solicitation.  In recent months the Orange County District Attorney Office have created a unit for the purpose of prosecuting Prostitution & Solicitation.  This unit is called the HEAT unit. This unit aggressively goes after Prostitution & Solicitation and other sex crimes. It’s my opinion that this is more political than anything else. Prostitution & Solicitation is a victim less crime and should not be prosecuted.

There are possible jail times with Prostitution & Solicitation. However there are elements which must be met for the charges to stick with a person and for there to be a conviction. These charges are codified in Penal Code 647(b). The code in a nutshell says that Prostitution & Solicitation is defined as a engaging in a sexual act in exchange for money or other consideration.  This can be done in agreement or the act itself.

Prostitution & Solicitation

Who gets charged in a Prostitution & Solicitation?

Everyone gets charged and is prosecuted in Orange County. This includes the prostitute (the girl), the customer (the guy or John) and the pimp as well. In Orange County, there are stings set up on Harbor Blvd and Beach to bring in Prostitution & Solicitation charges. In addition, there are police agencies who are aggressively going after massage parlors and the extra services they are offering.

 What are the defenses to an Orange County  Prostitution & Solicitation?

Not enough evidence. – Lots of these cases are very defendable as long as a person has not admitted anything. Many times a reasonable interpretation of the facts can be two consenting adults inside a room or car doing their own business. Police very seldom have any kind of video and audio so these kinds of cases lends itself to he said and she said and these kinds of cases lend itself to a very far bridge for the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s important that you speak with an attorney today about your prostitution charge.