Prostitution Charge: Navigating Legal Consequences and Life After Solicitation Arrest

Navigating Legal Consequences: Life After a Prostitution Charge


Being arrested on a prostitution charge is a serious matter. It can impact various parts of a person’s life, both personally and professionally, causing embarrassment at work and in the community, and turmoil at home. It’s important to understand how to handle each scenario when facing a prostitution charge. This article delves into the details of damage control when a person has been cited for a prostitution charge.

Legal Repercussions: Criminal Record Implications

A prostitution charge can result in a criminal record. When applying for a job, a person must disclose any convictions, which can be embarrassing and decrease the probability of being hired. A prostitution charge and conviction can close doors to certain career advancements.

Probation on a Prostitution Conviction

With a solicitation conviction, there are terms to stay away from certain areas. For example, in Orange County Superior Court in California, a conviction may preclude you from certain hotels or streets like Harbor Blvd. and Beach Blvd. Other probation conditions include HIV and AIDS testing and attending a sex education class. Depending on the case, counseling for sexual addiction may also be required.

if convicted of prostitution charge in orange county then a person will be ordered to stay away from this area.

Legal Costs of Dealing with a Prostitution Charge

The financial burden of legal fees, fines, and possible restitution can add up. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be assigned at the state’s expense. However, if you earn above the poverty line, you must hire your own prostitution defense attorney. Attorney fees can range from $3,500 to $5,500, depending on the case’s facts.

Employment Impacts: Job Loss and Career Implications

A solicitation charge can lead to immediate job loss or long-term career damage, especially for public figures or those in political office, community leaders, martial arts instructors, city council members, judges, district attorneys, school teachers, and police officers. These professions are in the public eye and can be lost if convicted of a prostitution charge.

Background Checks

Many jobs require criminal background checks, where a prostitution conviction will appear. It’s important to prevent this from impacting your employment prospects.

Professional Licenses

Certain licensed professions involve disciplinary actions upon arrest and conviction of a misdemeanor. It’s crucial to know your licensing board’s standards or consult with a professional licensing attorney.

Personal and Social Consequences: Relationship Strains

Being charged and convicted of prostitution can strain personal relationships, especially with romantic partners. It’s vital to minimize the impact on your personal life, such as managing your mail and resolving the court case with as little disruption as possible.

a letter being sent to a person in the mail who was arrested for prostitution charge

Stigma and Social Isolation

Arrest and conviction can lead to social isolation and shame, especially if you’re a public figure or active in your community. These challenges can lead to mental health issues, including depression and suicidal thoughts.

What are the long-term impacts of a prostitution charge on family relationships, particularly with children and extended family members?

This question addresses the broader family dynamics affected by such a charge. The biggest impact of a prostitution charge on family relationships is likely to be between the husband and wife. Children are not directly affected by this unless the prostitution charge leads to a divorce. Naturally, depending on family dynamics, this news can spread to extended family members. Each family deals with their crisis in their own way.

How does a prostitution charge affect one’s ability to travel, especially internationally?

This is relevant for understanding the implications on personal freedom and mobility. Generally, prostitution convictions will not affect a person’s ability to travel internationally. However, it’s always good practice to check the destination country in your travel itinerary to see if it presents any problems. Every country is different.

Are there specific legal provisions or protections for first-time offenders facing a prostitution charge?

Readers might be interested in knowing if there are lighter sentences or alternative legal options for first-time offenders. There are no specific legal provisions or protections for first-time offenders facing prostitution charges. However, there are positions you can take advantage of, such as the lack of a criminal record and a clean background where you have not committed similar offenses. If this is the case, then the argument can be made that you want to maintain a clean background. In other words, this is a one-time offense, and if given the chance, you will not repeat it, nor will the courts see it happen again.

What are the psychological impacts of a prostitution charge, and what resources are available for mental health support?

This question delves deeper into the mental health aspect, which is crucial for comprehensive understanding and recovery. There are varying psychological impacts of a prostitution charge. Each person will handle their arrest differently. For some, it will be a significant event that sticks with them for the rest of their lives, while for others, it will be just another incident. There are resources for sex addiction and Prostitution Panels for the purpose of mental health support. These classes can be found online or through your local probation office.

How does a prostitution charge impact one’s ability to pursue higher education or academic scholarships?

This would be particularly relevant for younger individuals or those planning to further their education. A prostitution charge does not have a direct impact on a person’s ability to pursue higher education or academic scholarships. However, during the application process, they may inquire about it. Certain law schools and higher education institutions do ask about a person’s criminal background.

How can one effectively manage and potentially mitigate the public and online perception of a prostitution charge?

This question addresses the concern of managing public image and online reputation in the digital age. A person can effectively manage and potentially mitigate the public and online perception of a prostitution charge by taking proactive steps to dismiss the case. If the case gets dismissed or sealed, then the record can be removed. However, a case must be sealed pursuant to section 851.91 in order for it to not be searchable on the Orange County Superior Court’s website.

Online Presence

Your digital footprint is another concern. With online access to court records, anyone with your name and date of birth can find out if you’ve been convicted of a crime. This can affect job applications and new relationships.

Moving Forward: Rehabilitation and Counseling

Coping with the aftermath of an arrest and conviction is crucial. Proactive counseling or therapy can help in court and provide grounds for removing the conviction from your record. Courts generally favor those who take initiative in addressing their issues.

Legal Remedies

After a conviction, you may be placed on probation. If you comply with all terms, you might be eligible for an expungement, where your guilty plea is changed to not guilty, and the case is dismissed.

Building a Support Network

Having support groups is vital when convicted of a prostitution charge. This can include friends, professionals, or others who have faced similar situations. Addressing mental health is also crucial in these circumstances.

Let’s Talk About You

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