Caught in a Police Prostitution Sting? Key Insights & What You Need to Know!

Shows a picture of private delights where a lot of police prostition stings are organized

3 Important Points:

  1. How Police Prostitution Stings Unfold: Police set up fake advertisements on websites like private delights and yesbackpage. They communicate and set up meet-ups with potential clients. Upon arrival, if the client is found with money and communication evidence, they’re arrested.
  2. Cellphones as Evidence: If the accused has their cellphone at the time of arrest, it strengthens the police’s case. This is because the phone may contain messages that discuss terms and agreements related to the illegal activity, eliminating many defense strategies.
  3. Men Targeted More than Women: In an effort to reduce demand and combat human trafficking, police operations disproportionately target male buyers of sexual services. The penalties for men are harsher, and they often face public shame and humiliation.

How they Unfold

When one hears about “Police Prostitution Stings,” many might envision dramatic scenes from crime shows. However, the reality of these operations, especially in the digital age, is far more methodical and technological. Such operations are set up to reduce the demand for prostitution and tackle human trafficking. But how do these stings work? And what should you be aware of if you’re unjustly caught up in one?

Police Prostitution Stings are used to catch people having sex with prostitutes. They post advertisement for prostitution websites such as private delights, backpage, yesbackpage to offer services Then they would wait for men to text or contact them and arrange a time to meet. This is done via female officers voice over the phone talking about sexual services and a place to meet. 

They would end up arresting them for solicitation if they show up. This allows the police to catch men who want to buy patronizing prostitution  and women who are  providing. However, not all these cases are slam dunks for the prosecution. A prostitution charge has elements to it and in a criminal court the case has to be proven by a reasonable doubt. 

Shows a picture of private delights where a lot of police prostitution stings are organized

Shows a picture of private delights where a lot of police prostition stings are organized
Police use websites such as these to set up their stings.

Sex Buyers: What All  Police Prostitution Stings Operation Having in Common. 

Always Starts with Bargain Basement Pricing and Low to Almost No Reviews

They are all different types of people. But they all share one thing in common. They were all arrested after texting a number online. Usually thru Yesbackpage, private delights, bedpage and etc. All the numbers had one thing in common. The numbers involved accounts with 1 or 2 reviews and were bargain basement prices.  

All Roads Lead Back To you

Another thing all Police Prostitution Stings have in common is the text message exchange. Almost all purchasers exchange phone messages (which discusses lingo and terms) with the police and have the cell phone on them when they are arrested at the door.

Unfortunately having a cellphone when caught in one of the many Police Prostitution Stings makes it harder for your criminal defense lawyer to defend the accusations of prostitution you are facing.  One of the most common solicitation defenses or defense defense strategy is the either mere presence or just hanging out. In simpler terms nothing has been said yet. 

 However,  by  having their cell phone on them  with the notifications turned on for the police to verify their identity. This closes the door on the mere presence defense. This is later used by the prosecution to say he was the person behind the phone. 

Caught Red Handed with Contract

The final problem is discussing money for specific terms. For example, 350 for CIM and GFE. This spells out everything for law enforcement and makes it shooting fish in the barrel for them and turns your case into one of damage control as opposed to making it beatable. 

 Bottom line ,by having your phone on you, this helps the police establish that they were th ones texting at the other end of the phone. This police verify this by taking the clients cell phone and giving it a call to show their number shows up. 

Police Prostitution Stings Target Men More Than Women. 

Most men who were arrested for soliciting prostitutes will say it was their first time. But police say most of them are lying.

Police target men more than women in the name of human traffic. The penalties are more severe for men and even worse for pimps. The rationale from the prosecution is that sex workers should be treated as victims of crime, not criminals.

 The men are all different colors and races. They are all different ages, from all walks in life. They are all different sizes, some are very big, others are very small. Some are black, some are white, some are Hispanic, some are Asian.

Married men are concerned that their wife will find out. College students come into police stations crying because their parents are going to kill them. They tell the police that they’ve been dating someone else, and they want to stop having sex before they marry. These men are humiliated by being caught, and they feel as if they’re failing at life.

Arrested in one of the Police Prostitution Stings for Trying to Purchase Sex?

Many of these people plea out just because they were accused and do no realize that the rules of evidence would be able to help their case.Men would go plea guilty because of the shame of that they were caught trying to pay for sex.. Until recently the Orange County District Attorney’s Office would post the names of men who got caught  purchasing sex. 

Have you been arrested in a prostitution sting operation? If you are accused, then you need to hire an experienced lawyer who knows how to fight back against these charges. Attorney Hieu Vu  will be able to help you get out of trouble by defending you against these charges. Hieu has a proven track record of winning cases similar to yours, and she will work hard to make sure that you win your case. Contact Hieu Vu for an initial consultation today to start fighting back against these charges.

However, it is important to know that it is possible to make it thru this with a low profile, to make your  arrest records go away,  clean your criminal record and fight any potential charges that come from this incident. 

How do Police Prostitution Stings typically unfold? Could you provide a step-by-step explanation of the process from the initial advertisement to the arrest?

Police prostitution stings typically involve a team from the local Human Trafficking Unit. These officers place advertisements on websites like bed pages and private delights. Often, the contact number provided in these ads will have no reviews. Potential clients then text this number, whereupon terms, including pricing, are discussed. Once the terms are settled, the client sends a text confirmation upon arriving at the specified location, usually a hotel. After the client arrives and knocks, an immediate arrest is made. The individual is handcuffed, searched, and photographed. Officers confirm the agreed-upon amount and inspect the individual’s phone, making a call to link it to the prior conversation. Once this process is complete, the individual is cited and released. They might be given a court date or told to expect one in the mail.

What legal elements constitute a prostitution charge, and how does the prosecution need to prove these elements beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal court?

A prostitution charge typically hinges on an agreement to pay for sexual touching, which doesn’t necessarily mean intercourse but can refer to any act of sexual gratification. To prove the charge, the prosecution must demonstrate that the relationship was transactional, not personal.

What is the significance of bargain basement pricing and low to no reviews for individuals targeted in Police Prostitution Stings? How do these factors play a role in identifying potential offenders?

In the sex industry, service providers often receive reviews much like restaurants. Customers review providers in the same way they might rate a dining experience, giving between one to five stars and sharing details. However, for law enforcement setting up a sting, getting authentic reviews is challenging. Consequently, many numbers used in sting operations have little to no reviews.

Can you elaborate on the text message exchange aspect mentioned? How does the exchange of messages with the police influence the defense strategies available to those accused in such stings?

Exchanging text messages with the police can significantly shape a defense strategy in prostitution cases. If the message content is overtly incriminating, it can close off certain defensive avenues. Instead of focusing on the validity of the evidence, the defense might pivot to an equitable approach, underscoring the accused’s good character and arguing that the incident was an aberration. Such an approach might involve proposing community service in exchange for preserving the individual’s clean record.

Why is having a cell phone on the accused person detrimental to their defense, particularly in cases of prostitution stings? How does the presence of the cell phone affect common defense strategies like “mere presence”?

Possessing a cell phone during a prostitution sting can weaken the defense because it ties the individual to the incriminating conversation or agreement. This contract will often specify both the price and the nature of the act. Without the cell phone, the prosecution might only have the money as evidence, lacking the direct communication that would cement the agreement. This absence makes it considerably tougher for the prosecution, as there are no text messages to corroborate their claims.

How do Police Prostitution Stings disproportionately target men over women? Could you provide insights into the rationale behind this targeting and the potential consequences for men who are caught soliciting prostitutes?

Police prostitution stings tend to target men more than women with the intent of reducing demand. The rationale is that by decreasing the demand and thereby the volume of calls to providers, these providers might either cease operations or seek alternative employment.

Can you explain the legal implications for individuals who are arrested in Police Prostitution Stings? What should individuals do if they are accused of trying to purchase sex, and how can they navigate the legal process effectively, including understanding the rules of evidence and potential plea options?

Individuals arrested in police prostitution stings might face probation, potential jail time, mandatory classes, community service, and HIV/AIDS testing. It’s crucial to consult with an attorney familiar with local sting operations. Those accused should document the events leading up to the arrest in chronological order and communicate these details to their lawyer. They should also preserve any advertisement they responded to prior to the arrest and recall all interactions with officers at the time of arrest, including any statements made.

Being aware of the intricacies of Police Prostitution Stings is crucial for anyone who might find themselves inadvertently ensnared in one. While the police’s intent is to combat the social malaise of human trafficking, it’s essential to recognize the importance of legal representation and understanding your rights. Remember, while the sting’s aftermath might be daunting, with the right legal advice, you can navigate the challenges effectively.

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