Practicing Law without a License.

Practicing Law without a License.

A law that is being put into place in 2014 is the addition of BP 6126.7. It deals with a non-attorney passing oneself off as an attorney in a written format. This law states that anyone who is not a practicing attorney may not “literally” translate the words “attorney”, “notary public”, or “licensed” from English into any language, in order to either intentionally or unintentionally give the implication that he or she is an attorney. Practicing Law without a license

The Ramifications of a Violation of BP 6126.7 – Practicing Law without a License

When someone violates BP 6126.7, this is considered to be practicing law without a license. He or she would be charged thus, even if the non-attorney did not actually practice the law. Under BP 6126.7, it will be punishable as a misdemeanor for practicing law without a license. A misdeameanor is a crime where one can not be punished for more than one year.

The penalty towards the individual whom false advertises that he or she is an attorney is $1,000 per day, per violation. The State Bar would request that this fine be paid. It is an incredibly serious offense for a non-attorney to state that he or she is a practicing attorney. If this occurs more than once, there will be further consequences. It does not matter whether the individual was once an attorney and has been disbarred, or if the individual was never an attorney to begin with. However, the upside to this is that the state bar is not policing this as much as they should which makes enforcement difficult.

If you have been charged under BP 6126.7 for the use of “attorney”, “licensed”, “or notary public” in your written communications, you can receive assistance from a criminal lawyer. Seek out someone who will be caring and professional, and handle your case seriously. It is important that you know your rights, and have someone on your side.

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