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Petty Theft in California: Elements of the Crime Simplified

A Petty Theft in California will differ depending on which county and which courthouse you are in. Orange County will handle their cases different from cases in LA County and Riverside County. It’s important to know that your attorney knows the local courthouses.

Petty Theft in California involves unlawful taking. “Unlawful taking” is the key word here.  It involves taking a property, valued at nine hundred fifty USD or less, without the knowledge or consent of the owner.

Petty Theft in California
An Orange County Petty Theft Attorney can explain to your the nuances of each courthouse.

So, note that taking must be unlawful and the value of the item or property taken is likewise considered.

How is petty theft committed?

You commit a Petty Theft in California if you deprive the owner of his rights over his property, whether permanently or temporarily, with a criminal intent.  Temporarily refers to a sufficient lapse of time that forbids the owner to enjoy a major function, value or portion of his property.  The “taking” of the property should be with a criminal intent.

The manner of committing the crime may give it a particular name defined by applicable provision of the penal law.  For example, if unlawful taking of an item valued at four hundred fifty dollars is committed with force or violence, the crime committed may come within the definition of robbery.  On the other hand, if you got an item from a grocery or shop and you want to take it away without the intention of paying it and without the consent of the owner, then it is labeled as shoplifting, larceny or petty theft. If you get an item or availed of a service without intention of paying it and you availed of it thru trick, false pretenses, or other kinds of deceit, it might qualify for a case of Embezzlement is the proper term for a situation where you appropriated for yourself an item that was entrusted to you.

If you may have heard some of the terms then you or someone important to you may be facing a Petty Theft in California.  Yet, this knowledge is not sufficient to substitute for a consultation with a petty theft lawyer.   It is vital that the details surrounding the event be professionally evaluated by a petty theft lawyer.   Help yourself by letting an experienced lawyer help you.

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