Penal Code 148 – Resisting Arrest

Penal Code 148 – Resisting Arrest

What is Penal Code 148

The charge of “Resisting Arrest” Penal Code 148 (a)(1) PC is a particularly tricky one, because it is one of the most abused out of all of the criminal charges. Obviously, this charge is sometimes in addition to another charge of which the individual is being accused. However, it is often a charge that is used all by itself. It is all too common for Constitutional Rights to be violated in this way, at times without the knowledge of the accused and/or the police officer.

Penalties of the “Resisting Arrest” Penal Code 148 (a)(1) PC Crime

The penalties relating to the crime of “Resisting Arrest” Penal Code 148 (a)(1) PC are a misdemeanor sentence of up to one year in county jail and/or a fine of anything up to $1,000. The case can be fought through the use of privileged and protected police records, important evidence such as from digital recorders used by an officer, and researching the legal issues in a thorough manner. If it can be proven that the arresting officer violated your constitutional rights in any way during the arrest, you will have solid ground for you case.

Penal Code 148

Speak to a Legal Professional to Handle Your Case Today

It can be extremely frustrating to be charged with “Resisting Arrest” Penal Code 148 (a)(1) PC. It can be a long battle to prove your case, and it can involve a great deal of tedious work. However, it is far from impossible to have such charges dropped. Speak to an attorney who is competent and on your side today. Having an esteemed professional handle your case will be your best bet. A top notch lawyer who is handling such cases in California is Attorney Hieu Vu. Give him a call or fill out the contact form on his website to receive a consultation right away. 

Hieu Vu

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