Parole Suitability Hearing

Parole Suitability Hearing

Parole Suitability Hearing is a hearing at a prison that says whether or not an inmate should be released on parole. The only inmates that get these hearings are the ones that are sentenced to life in prison. An example is when an inmate is sentenced for a term of ” X years to life”. The X is the number of minimum years before the inmate can be released for parole. Although the inmate can get a parole hearing before their minimum parole date, that doesn’t mean they are automatically released for parole. The inmate can still be denied and kept in prison for life. The denial periods can range from 3, 5, 7, 10, and 15 years at a time.Parole Suitability Hearing

What the Parole Suitability Hearing is About

The Parole Suitability Hearing is about whether or not the inmate should be allowed to returned to society. The release date is usually determined by a panel. However depending on the crime that was committed, the board can extend the sentence for public safety. Some factors that are considered for parole are counseling reports, behavior, accomplishments, self therapy, and parole plans. The panel will review the inmate of his/her rights. The crime, life before the crime, the inmates file. Then they will move to parole plans, closing statements, and then the decision.

Parole is Granted

The panel will explain why they chose to give parole. They will then go to the board of parole hearing in Sacramento for errors of law or fact, and then go to the Office of the Governor to review it in 30 days. The governor can allow it to pass by taking no action for 30 days. Actually approving the parole. Change the conditions. Send it back to the board of parole hearings to discuss the panel’s decision. And in murder cases, they can deny the parole.

Parole is denied

If parole is denied, the panel will say that the inmate has been denied for 3, 5, 7, 10, or 15 years.

Knowing what happens at a Parole Suitability Hearing can prepare you for the worst.

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