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Orange County DUI Lawyer: 2 Things about representing yourself.



Orange County DUI Lawyer: Courtroom locations and setting aside enough time for your case.

As an Orange County DUI Lawyer: I often give advice to people who are representing themselves in court. One of the most common advice is don’t! However sometimes it can’t be helped for one reason or another.



Orange County DUI Lawyer
Westminster Courthouse is behind on their cases. Not all cases will be on calendar on the day of your ticket.

If you have to represent yourself without a Orange County DUI Lawyer by your side then there are at least a few things you should know about the process of court.

The location of the courtrooms for your ORANGE COUNTY DUI

Your First Court Date and what to expect. You should expect to not have a hard time for parking. There are free parking availible for all courthouses except for Santa Ana.  You should go to your coutroom once you are inside the court. My first heads up as an Orange County DUI Lawyer is to explain to your the first court date. This is called your arraignment.  If this is your first DUI then as of the writing this article 2/26/2013 the arraignment court inside the following courthouses are

  • Harbor – H8 – Up the stair and to the left. 
  • Santa Ana – C54 – On the right side of the building. 
  • West – W3 – Pass the metal detector and make a left
  • North – N8 – up the stairs and make a right. 

The Waiting Game for your Orange county DUI

As an Orange County DUI Lawyer I see many people wait in court. Most likely you will go to court an you will also your name on the screen inside the courthouse. Once you go inside, you will have to check in with the bailiff. It is suggested that you go in at 8:30.  However, even if you go in at 8:30 it does not mean that things will start at 8:30. You will have to wait until possibly 10:30 or 11:30 for your case to get called. It is common for people to wait until 1:30 to have their case called. You will need to put aside a whole day for this.





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