Orange County DUI Attorney – What Happens on My 2nd DUI?

Orange County DUI – What Happens on My 2nd DUI?

What happens at the first court date?

Their first court date in your Orange County DUI is called an arraignment. An arraignment is your chance to assert your innocence. It is your first chance to look at the police reports and get discovery from the district attorney or prosecuting agency. It is not the place to talk about your case. The proper place to talk about your case is the pretrial stage.

What happens if I do not appear for my arraignment on my 2nd Orange County DUI?

If you decide to not appear on your arraignment on your Orange County DUI then a warrant will  be issued for your arrest.

Orange County DUI

Westminster Courthouse is behind on their cases. Not all cases will be on calendar on the day of your ticket.

The warrants will probably be around $10,000 or $25,000. You will then need to post bond or recall the warrant yourself or hire an attorney to recall the warrant for you. If you post bail then you have to put down 10% of the bail amount. If your bail was $25,000 then you must put down $2500.

What if this is not my first Orange County DUI?

You must be prepared for bail if this is a 2nd Orange County DUI. Judges in Orange County Superior Court do not look favorably on people who get multiple DUIs. District attorneys is also do not look favorably on people who get 2nd Orange County DUI. This is because of the negative media attention DUIs and garnished in Orange County. You should expect bail to be at $10,000 on a second time DUI. Many times when you are let out of the police station they will not require bail. However, when you go to court they may require bail on your second time DUI Orange County.

I don’t know why they don’t require you to post bail at the jail. Maybe they just missed it, however that doesn’t mean the court will not visit. You must be ready to oppose bail and get out with OR conditions.

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