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Openly Carrying A Gun

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Openly Carrying A Gun

Openly Carrying a Gun also known as the “open carry” gun lawopenly carrying a gun, allowed people to carry an unloaded gun in public as long as the gun was visible and was not prohibited in an area. However in 2012 openly carrying a gun was changed and is now illegal.Contrary to popular belief open carry doesn’t mean specifically on you. An open carry can also mean in your car. In public can mean a place or street. This part of the crime becomes very technical here however. A home for example is considered a private area, however the street on which the home is on is considered public. If an officer were to see you pull a gun out of your car’s trunk, he can arrest you for openly carrying a gun. There are a few exception to be able to carry however. You can carry a gun if you are/have You have to have a  permit such as if you are a hunter. Or you were carrying the gun inside a car in a locked container or in the trunk (for a lawful purpose). Or that you were transporting a gun that was not concealable, ie. a long rifle or shotgun. Common guns that are considered non-concealable usually have barrels longer than 16″. Its important to note that this law applies to guns that aren’t loaded. If the gun was loaded it is charged under “carrying a loaded firearm”.

Punishments for Openly Carrying a Gun

Openly carrying a gun is a misdemeanor. It comes with a year in jail or up to a $1,000 fine. You can receive both the jail time and the fine if you were carrying ammo for said gun and if you weren’t the owner of the gun. This offense can add with itself for each gun you carry.

If you or someone you know was charged with openly carrying a gun, speak to an attorney to learn what you can do.

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