Medical License Suspension

Medical License and Suspension

Medical License and Suspension can happen when you commit a crime that goes against the board. The medical board of California handles medical professionals and physicians. They also basically make the rules that all doctors and medical practitioners have to follow. Breaking those rules will trigger board discipline.In order to trigger it, you had to have commit a crime that is “substantially related” to the functions a physician does. Although the description itself seems very vague, it covers a lot more than what it says. You can be seeing board discipline if you do medical practice violations. Murder, Rape, or doing crimes that require sex offender registration. Drugs, perjury, battery and theft are also under that category. Those are only just a few ways to trigger board discipline.medical license suspension

Board Discipline

There are few ways the board can act against you. If you were were found guilty for committing a small crime, you may see a warning. However the more serious the crimes get, so do the punishments. The board can choose to put you on probation, suspend your license, or even license revocation. If they do choose to put you on probation, they can make you do it under certain conditions. Examples would be doing drug tests and seeing a psychiatrist. Perhaps the most interesting part of a board discipline is that they can still punish you if you had off the job misconduct. A good example of this would be having multiple drinking offenses. The court does not recognize professional practice and personal life as two different things. If you misbehaved on or off the job in such a way, the board can punish your professional career.

If your medical license was revoked or suspended. Consult with an attorney. Your medical license is an important part of life that should not just be handed over without a fight.

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