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LA County Traffic Attorney: 3 things to know when doing your own case



LA County Traffic Attorney: 3 things to know when handling your traffic case?

You may have to pay Bail

One of the downsides of not hiring an LA County Traffic Attorney and handling your own case is most judges will make you post bail for your case. Judges often will do this to people who represent themselves in court. This happens a lot in Long Beach, El Monte and Alhambra Courthouse. They do not do this to any LA County Traffic Attorney when they represent their clients. This means that you must pre pay your ticket ahead of time.

LA County Traffic Attorney
Police officers will often use the lack of a statement as an admission.

This kind of defeats the purpose of fighting of your ticket if you want to fight it.

 Rules of Evidence

There will be rules of evidence that both sides must follow. Some of these will be hearsay and admissions. An officer will often times turn a lack of statement into an admission. This is how officers say most people admitted when they did not admit to breaking a traffic violation. It is important to know these rules of evidence or at least get a free consult with a LA County Traffic Attorney so he can explain to you the rules of evidence.

 Coaching by the judge.

Judges will often help an officer out if they did not cover all their bases. Often times an officer will forget to spell out all the elements of the offense. When this happens, it is best to object to the judges further questioning of the officer. Why make the officers case for him. It is best to rest on the state of the evidence when the officer does this.

 Time investment

Some people will rather hire and LA County Traffic Attorney to fight their case rather than going to traffic court. This is because going to court takes a huge time investment on your part. You must wait all morning when you go to court. You should be prepared to spend at least the whole morning at court and schedule accordingly with your work. After you are arraigned and paid your bail then you will have a trial date. At the trial date you will have your chance at trial. However this will not take place on the same date. It will likely be around 45 days unless you waive time.


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