Jail Sentencing – 2 Things to Know

Jail Sentencing – 3 Things to Know

I do everything I can to keep my clients out of jail. However,  it does happen and I do have to deal with Jail Sentencing. Unfortunately the case does not end at the plea of the case or a verdict. Often times a person will have to deal with Jail Sentencing and the difficulties associated with it. This happens a lot with multiple DUIs and other crimes where violence is involved.

Alternative Sentencing for Jail Sentencing

I am often able to work out alternatives for Jail Sentencing. Some of these alternatives may be house arrest or the what is sometimes called electronic home monitoring. Electronic home monitoring involves wearing a ankle bracelet or some other electronic device. The person wearing this must have a home telephone line and also must make sure that they are qualified to make it into the program. The program will have several requirements. Requirements will differ on your jurisdiction as well.

jail sentencing

Knowing the right channels can mean the difference between staying home or being in jail.

Being late for reporting to jail on your Jail Sentencing.

It happens. You are ordered to report to jail on a certain date and life catches up to you.  Before you know it, you were not able to make it and you have a deadline coming up. You will get a new charge of not showing up to jail if you do not show up. The best way to deal with this is to show up to court and ask for more time to report to jail. Courts are generally okay with this especially if it is the first time. Life can happen and courts will give you the room to wriggle. Just don’t abuse it and you will be okay. The best thing to do is go into court weeks before the surrender date and ask the court for more time to surrender.


Hieu Vu

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