Hit and Run Notice in the Mail: Essential Steps to Take and How an Attorney Can Help

hit and run letter in the mail

Three Important Points:

  1. A Hit and Run Notice in the mail indicates potential involvement in an accident, even if the recipient wasn’t driving, and can lead to complex legal and insurance implications.
  2. Providing statements to the police or authorities without a hit and run attorney legal counsel can implicate the individual, potentially leading to legal consequences.
  3. An attorney experienced in hit and run cases is crucial in navigating both the legal complications and the insurance claims process without inadvertently committing fraud.

Receiving a Hit and Run Notice in the mail can be a startling experience for any car owner. This official communication from the police indicates potential involvement in a hit and run accident, raising concerns about legal consequences and responsibilities. Hit and run incidents often lead to complex legal situations where understanding the right course of action is crucial which can result in a criminal convcition and penalties. This notice arrives as a result of accidents where one party flees the scene, leaving behind confusion, uncertainty, and questions about accountability. Navigating such situations requires careful consideration, legal counsel, and an understanding of the implications of one’s responses to the authorities.

The police may have contacted you using a Hit and Run Notice in the mail

A Hit and Run Notice in the mail is sent out to registered owners of a car involved in an accident regardless if they were driving or not. These letters will arrive at the current residence address or mailing address  of the vehicle owner involved in the accident. 

What happens when I get into an Accident and Drive Away? 

When someone gets into an accident, it si required by law to stop and is most cases they often call the police to report it . However this is not always the case because many accidents are minor and people would rather move on for a variety of reasons. IE Not wanting to get insurance involved or in a hurry and do not have time to do an accident report. In other cases a driver will not want to stop at the scene because they are undocumented or may have alcohol in their system and do not want to put up with being arrested. 

When this happens witnesses will write down the license plates of the the vehicles involved and pass it onto the police officer taking the report.  

Hit and Run Notice in the mail gets sent out everyday

If you don’t stop at red lights or crosswalks, you might be involved in an traffic accident. And even if you do stop at the accident scene, you might not be able to identify the person who was in the ran over you or it may seem confusing as the other party is driving away and does not care. These things happen so much that it is impossible for the an officer to chase down every hit and run traffic accident which means they will devote their time to only the most serious ones involving bodily injury. 

The Hit and Run investigation is still going on

Often in these types of cases (minor) no injury. The police  send out Hit and Run Notice in the mail to the driver asking them to come in to give a statement. This is called a fishing  because the registered owner of the car is asked to come into the station with a driver license and give a statement to a police officer.

However, giving a statement is not always within the best interest of the registered owner especially if he or she was driving. In addition, even if they were not driving it is probably still not within their interest or family members interest to give a statement as they will pressured into pointing out who was driving the vehicle.  When this happens the registered owner of the vehicle will be pressured into letting the officer know who was using the car and forced to give up the info. 

Actual Knowledge of an accident is not an Issue for the violation

These things always play out the same way when a driver thinks he can outfox a law enforcement officer. The driver will come in saying that there was a lack of knowledge and he or she only felt a bump and did not see anything and kept driving. However, once they admit to being the driver (identification) behind the wheel at the time and place then they will be arrested and given a criminal citation 

Even if you weren’t driving during the incident, the complexities surrounding a hit and run can still implicate you or someone you care about. Secure legal representation to ensure you’re safeguarded against potential consequences.

Responding to the Hit and Run Notice in the Mail can get you into more trouble

 In addition, the officer may also ask you to bring in the car. The police officers do not have any legal right to search the vehicle without a warrant. However if you bring it in and they confirm it is the car involved in the collision then they will have justification for holding it as evidence after the vehicle identification. This is where it gets sticky because they will give you an impression that they will not release the car unless you cooperate with them. In other words, you will lost the car unless you wither confess to driving or point out who was.  When this happens then you will be given a criminal citation. 

 Also if they find anything illegal inside the vehicle they may arrest you and impound the vehicle. This means the vehicle will be taken away from the driver and stored at the local police station or their tow yard until the driver gets a release from them. As this happens tow fees will accumulate at approximately 50 dollars a day. 

shows a hit and run letter which was mailed out by Costa Mesa Police Dpartment.

If you were driving then you will want an attorney who works with hit and runs on your case. If this is an emergency (The officer knocked on your door, contacting family members, or is blowing up your phone) then you can call me directly at 714-589-3063

Why Is It Bad For Me to Say What Happened But OK for my Attorney to tell them the same thing?

Under the rules of evidence if you admitted to driving then it will be used against you. Your attorney is not admitting to you driving, he or she is simply saying that the proof is not there even if they think you were driving.

I Committed a Hit and Run How Do I Get My Car Fixed and Avoid A Criminal Charge? 

You will need to navigate the insurance waters carefully. Many people trying to get away with a hit and run end up committing insurance fraud. It is important to not to lie and say someone else was driving or your car was stolen.

The Police are calling me on the phone and left me a voice mail

If this police are calling you then you need an attorney to stop the hit and run investigation process.

What should I do if I receive a Hit and Run Notice in the mail?

Potential clients might want to understand the appropriate steps to take upon receiving a Hit and Run Notice. You can explain the importance of consulting an attorney before providing any statements to the police and the potential consequences of admitting to driving.

Why is it essential for me to have an attorney if I receive a Hit and Run Notice?

It is important to have an attorney by your side when you receive a hit and run notice because of the legal complexities. Involved in your case. Your case involves a live investigation because the officer is still trying to ascertain who was driving the car and what had happened. Negotiations are also at play because the officer has taken the car hostage or is using a carrot for the purpose of trying to get a statement from you.
In addition to this. It’s also important that the attorney works on keeping this case out of court and stop it from getting filed. All this is happening while stopping you from making any kind of self incriminating statements and protecting your rights from being waived because you want to get your car back.
Finally, there is the insurance aspect, where as your attorney would want to get you paid. Many people end up wanting to have the sandwich and eat it too. And do it the wrong way. They tell their insurance company somebody else is driving and get themselves into a pickle. Thus committing insurance fraud.

What if I wasn’t the one driving during the accident? Do I still need an attorney?

If you are not the driver but you receive a hit and run notice. In the mail, you may be unsure about how to handle this. You’re thinking it doesn’t matter because I wasn’t the one driving. Even though this is the case, someone you know or care about was probably driving their car. You will be pressured to identify the driver of the car. By having an attorney you can safeguard your interest and the drivers interest to prevent any type of self incrimination by either party. An attorney will also work on getting the car back and dealing with their insurance company.

How can an attorney help me avoid a criminal charge and get my car fixed?

Having an attorney will help you avoid criminal charges and resolve the situation with your car and the insurance company. The other side who was hit will want to go after you civilly and you will want to leverage your insurance coverage to resolve this situation. The attorney will balance your right against self incrimination and the cooperation with their insurance company for the purpose of having your cake and eating it too. If your attorney is experienced in dealing with hit and runs, he will be able to navigate the insurance claim. While keeping those statements privileged and out of evidence and out of the officers hands. He will be able to do all this and stop you from committing insurance fraud and at the same time getting your insurance paid off while keeping you out of court.

In the realm of traffic accidents, a Hit and Run Notice serves as a significant indicator of legal inquiries and potential consequences. It signifies the initiation of investigations into an incident where one party has left the scene, leaving behind both physical damage and legal complications. Responding to such a notice demands prudence and understanding, as statements made to the police could have far-reaching ramifications. Seeking legal representation becomes imperative, as an attorney’s expertise can guide individuals through the intricacies of the legal process while safeguarding their rights. Whether the recipient was the driver or not, the complexities of a hit and run incident necessitate professional assistance to navigate the web of legal, insurance, and personal implications.

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