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Hit And Run Attorney - Stopping the Investigation with the Officer and Fighting Your Hit and Run Charge in Orange County Superior Court.  

If you did a hit and run in Orange County then you will need a local attorney.  A hit and run accident in with property damage in Orange County California carries a one year maximum in jail. Depending on the city where the accident took place at if filed, your case will be at either at  the Newport Beach, Westminster, Fullerton, or Santa Ana Courthouse and filed by the Orange District Attorney's Office or the Anaheim City Attorney

 There is a duty to stop, give aid or identify yourself and exchange insurance policy/auto insurance.Not doing so can result in a law enforcement looking for you or even possibly looking at the person who is the registered owner of the vehicle you were driving for the purpose of filing criminal charges. 

Infographic showing what to do if you are the subject of a hit and run

If you suspected of a Hit and Run then there are things you need to do to keep out of trouble.

Hiring a Hit and Run Attorney Makes all the Difference 

Hit and Run  - What Can Happen in Orange County?

How Can a Lawyer Help You After a Hit-and-Run Accident in Orange County?

What kind of Consequences is a person looking at for a hit and run charge in Orange County and Is There Jail if a person is injured?

Another reason to hire a Hit and Run Attorney is to stop the hit and run charges from moving forward if you are the hit and run driver. If this happens then you can avoid the mark on your criminal record  The possiblity is real if you hit a person and cause bodily injury and took off there are medical bills at issue. An Insurance provider, the other sides accident attorneys (personal injury law) will be asking for your auto insurance policy to get their client's medical expenses paid. There are different legal aspects to consider. You will need an experienced attorney to get fend off the officers, get everyone paid without, handle any outstanding warrant from the officer and to avoid the criminal conviction\

In addition police officers take the acident victim seriously and after a traffic accident and often try to start the legal process or prosecuting you as soon as possible. However, the chances is a good not going to jail if there were no witnesses to identify you after you leave the accident scene and the police officer is still trying to piece things together and have not confirmed the offending driver

a letter send from Orange county district attorneys office to a hit and run defendant
Do most hit and run drivers get caught?

It is 50/50. If you a defense attorney or law firm gets involved after the hit and run accident then they can get their clients to excercise their constutional rights thus lowering the chances of the officer identifying the offending driver.   It's important to have the proper legal advice and develop the attorney client relationship for the purpose of putting together an effective defense  when dealing with vehicle accidents or  reckless driving.

You can tell they are trying to piece the auto accident together when they are calling you and wanting to ask questions to fill out their accident report.  They will bluff by saying they surveillance cameras footage and you can be spending xx days in jail if you do not cooperate. 

You need to have a evaluate the proper defense strategies if you are are invited to the station for a few questions for a hit and run to avoid the .

A hit and run in California carries with it a maximum of 6 months to a year in jail if there is property damage only and can go higher if it is a felony charge or a   person was hurt with the need for medical attention. In addition people if there was no valid license then this cmplicate things and people often make their misdeameanor into a felony offense by thinking they lie their liability insurance company for the purpose of vehicle repair cost. Also, if there was already two points before the hit and run then teh two additional points will result in a negligent driver hearing with the local driver safety office.   

The hit and run will also differ depending on which county the hit and run happened in. For example, Orange County and LA County will treat their hit and runs very differently and you will need to evaluate different legal options.

A courtesy letter from the Orange County District Attorney's Office to show up to court.

Stay out of jail

Make an appointment and stay out of jail

Should i get a lawyer for a hit and run?

Make an confidential consultation and stay out of jail after a hit and run crash especially if you were under he influence of drugs and have injured people. Most of these hit and runs start out as a minor traffic collision which would be nothing more than a stop and exchange of information. Traffic collisions such as running a red light, distracted driving, cell phone use, or some other traffic law happens. Other times it is because of of driving the influence of alcohol (drunk driving) It gets complicated when one causes an accident which leads to one party running off.

Drivers are supposed to stop after an accident and exchange information regardless of who was at fault. This does not happen, people think it is okay as long as you stop immediately after the accident or turn yourself into the accident the next day. However, the duty to stop and render aid or identify oneself is absolute failure to do so result in misdemeanor conviction and a negative record on your driving record.  You should never contact law enforcement or return the officer's voicemail. 

Even if you were not at fault. Your duty to stop is absolute regardless of whether or not you were at fault. A person can not leave the scene of an accident without assisting a person in injured even if it was the other person's fault. Whether the injured party was a fault is irrelevant in determining a conviction under the hit and run laws of California. People v. Mace (Cal. App. 5th Dist. Aug. 24, 2011) contact a Hit and Run Attorney if this happened to you.

picture showing citation from the laguna beach police departmetn for a hit and run

How can I stay out of Jail?

What happens if you plead guilty to felony hit and run?

There are ways around the potential penalties and  jail time . The first is to not let the investigation move forward after the hit and run accident. The reality of hit and run laws in California is that people do not stop to identify themselves or to provide medical attention. This makes it hard for the prosecution ot prove heir case and can be used in your advantage. Having a defense team will help you naivgate the system and avoid the felony conviction.

picture showing hit and run charges against a person filed by the orange county distrcit attorneys office

Proving Who is the Driver is Difficult in a California Hit and Run Case

What is the difference between hit and run and leaving the scene of an accident?

The reality is that the registered owner of the car is not always the driver involved. Often times, the driver is the son or daughter of the owner and they are only driving their parent's cars. This results in them getting in an accident and sending the police to the registered owners address. A Hit and Run Attorney or criminal defense attorney will be able to take advantage of this for you.

Depending on the living arrangement of the people involved, this can get more complicated. Because It is not always the person who owns the car who is driving it, this leads to the wrong person being put under the radar even with an eye witness and police report.

For example, a dad may own a car and lend it out to his son who commits a hit and run, this will result in the police running the license plate and coming back to the dad and questioning him. Hence the dad will feel that he has no choice but to give up his son or will not know what is going and lead police to the driver.

The second thing to not do in a hit and run is don't confess to the police officer. No matter what. If they have your car, don't say he was you. Don't talk to them. Check out a bit of the video about what to do when a police officer contacts you. The last thing you need to do is say you were driving their car. Don't do that return that voicemail.

Just Leaving the Scene is a Crime and Other Hit and Run Facts

The problem with leaving the scene of a property damage acident without stopping is that it is a misdeameanor crime in Orange County. This is the case even if the person had no intention of running off but was merely scared. It happens a lot with younger drivers in college. These drivers have never been in an accident, so they get nercous on their first accident and the fight or flight instinct kicks in and may drivers run off. However, on the hand a lot of drivers get agitated and strat arguing and confrontational. This can be an excuse for one party to take off especially if it would lead to more escalation. For example, there is an accident and the other party is agitated and is impossible to talk to. If this is the case, then this can be used to your advantage for the purpose of dismissing your case.

To Further Complicate things, people do not always know that they hit something and thus have a duty to stop. For example, a person may be driving and feel a small bump and not realize anything then continue driving off. This is the beginning of every hit and run. In other cases an unlicensed person may cause a car wreck and break out running on foot.

Not Knowing the Law is Not an Excuse

Hit and runs happen a lot with people who are not familiar with this country's laws. In other countries it is cstomary for people to stop if there is an accident and move on if the damage is minor. For example, a dad from Japan is here visiting and borrows a car for getting around town. He gets into a finder biner in the parking lot and stops to look and see the damage as minimal and takes off. When this happens, he has committed a misdeameanor even though he stopped. In addition, even if he took off and went to the police the next day it is still a misdeameanor. The duty to stop and render aid and identify is absolute. Unfortunately, not dealing with a problem can lead to more trouble.

picture showing arrrest warrant that is mailed out in Orange County

The Law Enables Police Officers to Take Your Car

How long does it take for a hit and run investigation?

The first of several problems California Hit and Runs laws for the driver is that the victim will call the police. When this happens and the crime is reported. The police will only get one version of the story. This one sided version is always prejudiced against the driver in the case. In addition to this, the police will also have their mind up as to who the person at fault us because of the fleeing. This never ends up well for the person being investigated for and a hit and run. This is why it is important to one does not incriminated themselves while talking with the police. An officer will have the state's resources at his disposal. He will be able to use the computer to look up DMV registration to find out who a car is registered and where the owner lives. In addition the California hit and run law Section 22665 gives an officer power to take your vehicle into his possession.

  • “(a) When any peace officer, as that term is defined in Chapter 4.5 (commencing with Section 830) of Title 3 of Part 2 of the Penal Code
  • or any regularly employed and salaried employee who is engaged in directing traffic or enforcing parking statutes and regulations, has reasonable cause to believe that a motor vehicle on a highway or on private property open to the general public onto which the public is explicitly or implicitly invited, located within the territorial limits in which the officer is empowered to act, has been involved in a hit–and–run accident, and the operator of the vehicle has failed to stop and comply with Sections 20002 to 20006, inclusive, the officer may remove the vehicle from the highway or from public or private property for the purpose of inspection”

This law gives an officer the power to take your car away and hold onto it. It is a common tactic among police officers to hold onto a car until and make the driver confess that he was driving.

But The third thing that you should not do while being investigated for hit and run is don't believe the police officer that you cannot get your car back. This is the most basic trick out there. They hold your car hostage and hopes that you say that you are driving. They're going to say, I'm not going to give back the car until you talk to me. There's a vehicle code out there that protects you from that type of interrogation. Don't fall for it. Get some professional help. Get your car back, talk to your insurance the right way. There's a way to do it so that way it doesn't harm to your case. It's important that you contact a Hit and Run Attorney and not let the officer intimidate you into confessing by using your car as bait.

Police holding on to your car for a Hit and Run?

Get your car back and fight your Hit and Run Investigation

You can be Convicted of a Hit and Run even if You weren't driving

Courts have also held that you can be convicted of a hit and run even if you were not driving at the time. For example, you are the owner of the car, you were riding in it at the time, and had actual control over where it was going, and that the car hit or killed someone and did not stop then the courts have held this would be enough. People v. Odom (Cal. App. Mar. 18, 1937), 19 Cal. App. 2d 641. However, the main question is whether or not you had control over the vehicle. These are the facts that must be established for the prosecution to make their case against you. For example, you go out drinking and have a designated driver (DD). The DD hits a person and panicks and you yell out to the driver to keep on going. You can be conviced under the hit and run laws of California for this.

Getting Insurance to Fix Your Car without exposing yourself for the Hit and Run

Stay out of Trouble and Fixing Your Car

Have your cake and eat it too. 

The Dilemma You just got into a hit and run. You're on the phone with their insurance company. You don't know what to say at the same time you want them to pay for their car, but you don't want the police to know that it was you who was driving. The first thing is because you're under investigation, you may be tempted to say that somebody else was driving your car. When you talk to the insurance company, don't do this. This is the worst thing you can do by lying to the insurance company. You are committing another crime of insurance fraud. You've just upgraded your misdemeanor hit and run to a felony Insurance fraud. Don't do this.

Another problem with hit and run collisions is dealing with insurance. Its easy to want to get your car fixed after an accident. People will call their insurance company and admit they were driving. This fills in the important part that they were driving the car. However, the other part is that a person may decide to not say they were driving for the purpose of avoiding detection by the police and instead say a 3rd party was driving. This will result in a new crime of insurance fraud. The goal here is to have insurance cover and get away from the investigation if possible. It's important to have an experience hit and run attorney who deals with the local police departments and is familiar with dealing insurance companies.

A Hit and Run Attorney Gets the Cops Off You

There are pros and cons to hiring an attorney for your hit and run case. The biggest con for hiring an attorney for your hit and run is the cost. The average cost for to get you out of trouble is going to run you around $2800.00 for a misdemeanor. The charges will be more if it the facts show more severity. For example, there was a wrongful death,  a pedestrian hit, and the need for medical treatment resulting in  felony hit and run charges.  However, the pros for hiring an attorney for your case outweighs the cons heavily especially if you have a clean criminal record or are on probation. An attorney can mean the difference in your fines, possible jail time. An attorney will represent in court and the investigation. Many people do not know how to represent themselves in court and often say the wrong things which results in a crimnal record.

Picture showing Hit and Run attorney getting charges dismissed by Law office of Hieu Vu

If the police are still trying to contact you then this is the most crucial time to get help because putting a stop in the investigation can mean the difference between having a case filed against you and not having a case filed. This is accomplished via the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney at the time of questioning. The maximum sentence for a misdeameanor hit and run in Orange County is 1 year in jail. For a Felony it is a year or more in prison. Factors that can affect whether a charge is a felony or misdeamnor are whether or not there was an injury involved and the severity of the accident.Defenses to Hit and Run.

Hit and run accident cases are not open and shut cases. The police have the burden of proof that there was a collision and that a certain was driving the car. Often times, a victim or witness would not be able to identify the driver beause things happen so fast and there are no surveillance cameras. Other times even if people were identified, there are still other avenues to get a case dismissed with the help of a hit and run lawyer. Such ways include a having the hit and run driver do civil compromise to pay for medical bills or cash payment so the accident victim does not have to do a insurance claim. This keeps everyone happy and nobody has to use tehir insurance coverage and the officer can close out his file. 

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On DUI Probation, Suspended License,

  • Car Towed
  • Able to get back car
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  • Client brought us on before talking with police 

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  • Insurance reimbursed victim
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Collision on freeway 

  • Client accsued of rear ending another on 405 freeway.  Hieu Vu stopped the investigation by having client invoke rights
  • Police came to house and wanted to talk with Client. 
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Public Intoxication - Huntington Beach

  • Intoxicated Client, passed out on Beach Blvd divider with soiled clothes. 
  • Case Dismissed

Collision In Tustin

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  • Registered Owner was contacted
  • Got Victim Paid Off and Car Fixed
  • No Charges Filed

When NO CONVICTION is the only option.

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