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Great Bodily Injury

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Great Bodily Injury

Causing a person to suffer a great bodily injury isn’t a crimegreat bodily injury. Its a type of enhancement that can lengthen a sentence. If your original sentence was battery but you caused great bodily injury you could see an extra few years to your prison sentence. What is considered a great bodily injury however is very different. Each injury is decided on a case-by-case basis. An injury that may have been not so serious in a different case could be considered a great bodily injury. It mainly depends on how the judge/jury sees the case. Some examples of great bodily injury can include but aren’t limited to. A dog bite. Broken bones. Bruises that stay for longer than 4 months. Second degree burns and blisters. Swelling and discoloration. Bloody limbs, vaginal soreness (from rape). Strangulation, unconsciousness. Gunshot wounds. The main thing that makes a wound a great bodily injury is that it will last. So this usually means trivial injuries such as a small cut will not count. Although these are examples of great bodily injuries, they will not always count as great bodily injuries.

Serious bodily Injury is not the same as a Great bodily injury.  A serious bodily injury is a lesser version of a great bodily injury. An example of a serious bodily injury is a concussion, blacking out, or disfigurement. You mainly only see a case of a serious bodily injury in battery cases where it raises it to an aggravated battery.

Great bodily injury will add a strike to your record. It can also add up to 6 years to a prison sentence as well. Other enhancements that coincide for Great bodily injury includes the age of the victim. The severity of the injury caused. And the circumstances of the case such as a sex offense or domestic violence.

If you were charged for a crime that caused great bodily injury, talk to an attorney.

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