Getting your Minutes and Docket Report

Getting your case Minutes and Docket Report from the County Court.

Minutes and Docket Report are easy to come by if you do it the right way. They can provide you with valuable information about your case. They are very helpful if you want to clear your criminal records.

Many reasons why you would want Minutes and Docket Report. A printout will tell you about your court case. There are important things in the printout about your case. If your case is a DUI then your printout will include dates about your DUI proof of completion and other important dates.

Minutes and Docket Report are hard to get if you don’t know how to get them. Standing in the wrong line can waste a morning of your time. If you ignore your dates then you may have a warrant coming in the future. If you lose your case printout then you will have no choice but to get a case printout from the courts clerk.

The printout will include dates as to your case. This case information will be helpful if you forget your proof of enrollment date for your class. Other people forget their proof of completion date as well. The proof of completion date is often given to a person at the court date. It’s usually 6 months after the court case is complete. A lot of paperwork can disappear during this time.

You will need to go to the clerks office. The clerks office will have a line which often times will be long. The information you need will be your case number. If you do not have your case number then you will have to work with your name and driver license number. If you have multiple cases in one county then it is not necessary to go to every single courthouse. You can get multiple minutes from one courthouse so long as the cases are all from one county. It will save you the trip.

Hieu Vu

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