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Forged or Counterfeit Drivers License



Forged or Counterfeit Drivers License

Forged or Counterfeit Drivers License is a combination of both forgery laws, and counterfeiting. It means a person must create a drivers license or identification card to pass it off as genuine. However forgery and counterfeiting is not limited to simply just making the cards or documents. It includes altering and manipulating. Example would be changing the birth-date, the names, physical attributes, or expiration date. It is not limited to just driver’s license or ID cards however. It can be any government issued ID or license.Forged or Counterfeit Drivers License

Punishments for Forged or Counterfeit Drivers License

Forged or Counterfeit Drivers License can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony.Depending on the circumstances of the case and criminal history it can swing either way. As a misdemeanor you can see up to a $1000 fine, and a year in jail. As a felony you can see up to three years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

Defenses against Forged or Counterfeit Drivers License\

Forged or Counterfeit Drivers License can be a hard case to fight. However to be charged for a Forged or Counterfeit Drivers License case is that you must have had intent to pass it as genuine. That means if you did not mean to use a forged driver license or id card for actual use, then you cannot be charged. An example of this would be if you made one of your friend as a joke and you put the two side by side. You accidentally took the fake one and left. However a officer pulled  you over and you had to show him the fake one. You did not have the intent to lie to him, therefore you cannot be charged with Forged or Counterfeit Drivers License. Also like many other cases if you did have a fake ID or license but it was gained through police misconduct. You are technically safe due to violation of search and seizure rule.

Have an attorney that knows the forging and counterfeit laws can cut the charges of your case.

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