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False Information to an Officer

False Information to an Officer can be simply be lying to an officer about our name. However it goes from a false name, to a fake driver’s license, or perhaps a forged signature, or lying to a question you know is wrong. They can’t simply tell the jury or the judge that you lied, they have to prove that you lied when you spoke to them. An example of this would be if you had an sentimental lock box that had weed inside. Earlier you denied that you had weed to the cops. The cops resort to breaking the box, but in fear of losing that sentimental lock box you opened up the box. You lied to the cops about not having weed in this case.False Information to an Officer

Punishments for False False Information to an Officer

Lying to an officer is punishable with up to six months in jail and  up to a $1,000 fine. Some related offenses can include resisting, or delaying an officer during duty, making false statements to a Highway Patrol Officer, or forging a seal.

Defending against False Information to an Officer

As with any cases that involve lying the most important aspect is that you had to have the intent of lying. This means that if the prosecutor cannot prove that you had intent to deceive then you cannot be charged for False Information to an Officer. For example if you and your friend were pulled over in your friends car and the officer told you to hand him legal documents that showed that he had legal possession of his car. When you hand over the papers and its a fake counterfeited paper that you did not know about then you cannot be charged. This is due to the honest belief that you did not mean to deceive the cop.

Having an attorney that can prove that you had good intentions can save you time and trouble when dealing with the cops.

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