How to expunge your record

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How to expunge your record. Step by Step Guide

Want to Expunge your record but you are also curious about the process? For some people doing it yourself is possible. The instructions and video below will walk you thru everything,.

You can save money on an expungement ifyou do it yourself.

The following steps are do it yourself instructions on how to expunge your record.

1 75 days, 1 hour and 1 minute

Decide whether you want to do it yourself or use an attorney to expunge your record.

It is not impossible to expunge your record on your own with do it a your self mentality . However, it does take a time investment. You should the steps below and see for your self if the time is justified. The rest of the steps can be done by your or your attorney.

Find your Case Information

You may still have the paperwork from your when you went to court. If you do then the casenumber and the date of convcition should be on there. This will be useful to expunge your record yourself.

If not, then you or your attorney will need to go to the courthouse and get the information. However if the case is old then you will need to doa DOJ report. Instructions on how to get your DOJ report is in the above Video.

Look over your case history to see whether you have a probation violation

This step is important to expunge your record because having a probation violates greatly reduces the likelihood of an expungement happening. It is counted against you and used as a reason by the prosecutors to for a denied expungement. If you have one then you will need to gather letters of recommendations and be to talk about your rehabilitation in open court.

If there was an accident or hit and run then make sure restitution is paid off.

This is a necessary step to expunge your record. If you have not paid off the victim for the case then your resources are better off being used for that purpose then moving forward with the expungement. The judge will not grant the expungement.

Fill out the Forms

In order to expuge your record you will need California forms from the California Courts website. CR 180 and CR 181 and a Proof of service. After you fill out the forms then you will want to make 3 copies.

Serve the Agency and the Prosecutor

Seeving is a fancy way to say give someone their copy. You will want to deliver one paperwork to the filing agecny. In may instances this will be the district attorney or a city attorney on the case.

File the Paperwork at the Courthouse

An important part to expunge your record is filing the paperwork at the courthouse. You will make 3 copies, drop one off at the prosecutors fill out your proof of service then then you will want to take the 2 remaining paperowrk to the courthhouse and file to expunge your record.

Be Ready for the Hearing.

Relax and be ready for the hearing. The judge may ask you questions about your situation for the purpose of ascertaining whether you have been rehabilitated.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to expunge your record.

How long does a dui stay on your driving record in california

DUI’s stay on your driving record for 10 years.

How Do I expunge a wet reckless in california?

The process for expunging a wet reckless is the same as a DUI and other crimes. It is outlined above.

How much does it cost to expunge a DUI in california?

The range for expunging a DUI from you case can range from $150.00 (do it yourself) to $2500.00 (if you want a lawyer with concierge service) Most attorneys will somewhere in between to expunge your record.

What crimes can be expunged

Almost all crimes can be expunged if you have not been to prison. There are also a handful of non prison crimes that can not be expunged. These are important to know as you are going over whether to expunge your record.

How Do I expunge a felony?

The process for expunging a felony is the same as above. However, before expunging a felony , you will want to check if if you reduce it to a misdeameanor. There are advantages to this.

Should I Use a Criminal defense attorney for expungement

Using a criminal defense attorney for an ex expungment will signifigantly cut down the time needed. An attorney will be more familiar with the court customs and clerks at the courthouse. They wil be able to move your case thru with les hiccups and to stop you from getting stuck in the system.

Let’s Talk About You

Let’s Talk About You Fight Your case and get Representation in Court.

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Lila K

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