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San Bernardino county DUI classes is a specialized initiative designed to address driving under the influence offenses through tailored rehabilitation programs. Key factors determining program assignment include the individual’s DUI history, blood alcohol content during the offense, and specific court orders.

The program offers various durations and services, from shorter courses for limited offenses to longer ones for more severe cases, with a focus on education and reducing repeat offenses. Adaptability is a hallmark, evidenced by its response to challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and the provision for program transfers within the county or statewide. The enrollment process is direct and participant-focused, with a significant impact on the reissuance of driver’s licenses post-suspension (restricted License), especially for multiple offenders.

Jackson-Bibby Awareness Group
222 East Main St. Suite 218
Barstow, CA 92311
(760) 256-6114

Alcohol Education & Recovery Services
12560 Central Ave.
Chino, CA 91710
(909) 591-4761

Rehabilitation Alcohol Program
17205 Arrow Blvd.
Fontana, CA 92335
(909) 356-9390

MHS Needles Center for Change
300 H St. Needles, CA 92363
(760) 326-4590

Valley Improvement Programs, Inc.
210 W. B St.
Ontario, CA 91762
(909) 983-3665

Valley Improvement Programs, Inc.
8540 Archibald Ave. Bldg. 18 Ste.A
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
(909) 987-4036

Jackson-Bibby Awareness Group
1200 Arizona St. Suite AlO
Redlands, CA 92374
(909) 792-6925

Prodigy Healthcare
688 N. Arrowhead Ave. Ste. 101-102
San Bernardino, CA 92401
(909) 888-0149

MHS Pegasus
2020 N. Waterman Ave. Suite C
San Bernardino, CA 92404
(909) 881-1570

Valley Improvement Programs, Inc.
1501 W. 9th St. Suite B
Upland, CA 91786
(909) 985-2785

Dalton & Associates
12209 Hesperia Rd. Suite G
Victorville, CA 92392
(760) 241-1777

Jackson-Bibby Awareness Group
14420 Civic Dr. Suite 3
Victorville, CA 92392
(760) 241-3300

MHS Yucca Valley Center for Change
58945 Business Center Dr. Suite J.
Yucca Valley, CA 92284
(760) 369-1074

You must attend a San Bernardino county DUI classes if required by the Court or DMV. If convicted of more than one DUI within ten (10) years, DMV may require a different program to be eligible for driver’s license re-issuance post suspension. DUI Programs fees are standardized throughout the County and not subsidized by State or County funds. The County Substance Use Disorder and Recovery Services Administration monitors these programs for compliance with State law and County regulations.

Specific administrative hours for each one of the San Bernardino county DUI classes can fluctuate. Please call to inquire about hours.


  • The Wet & Reckless program provides 12 service hours.
  • The First Offender program provides 33 service hours and lasts a minimum of 16 weeks.
  • The 6-Month Offender program provides 47 service hours and lasts a minimum of 6 months.
  • The 9-Month Offender program provides 63 service hours and lasts a minimum of 9 months.
  • The 12-Month Offender program provides 72 service hours and lasts a minimum of 12 months.
  • The Multiple Offender program provides 78 service hours and lasts a minimum of 18 months.


  • Wet & Reckless Program: $359.00 with $167.00 due at enrollment
  • 3 or 4-Month Offender Program: $863.00 with $192.00 due at enrollment
  • 6-Month Offender Program: $1,235.00 with $192.00 due at enrollment
  • 9-Month Offender Program: $1,649.00 with $192.00 due at enrollment
  • 18-Month Multiple Offender Program: $2,043.00 with $192.00 due at enrollment

May include Transfer Out Fee, Reinstatement Fee, Transfer Intake Fee, Returned Checks Fee, Leave of Absence Fee, Reschedule Fee, Missed Activity Fee, and DMV Completion Certificate

How is the type of San Bernardino county DUI classes one needs to attend determined – is it based on court orders, specific criteria from the OMV, or other factors?

The type of program one needs to attend is determined by the number of DUIs they have had in the past and the blood alcohol content of their DUI. It is also determined by what is ordered in court or their court disposition. Sometimes these two requirements can differ, other times they are the same. For example, a person may be required to do a three-month class to get back their restricted license. However, if their blood alcohol level is over 0.15, the court will order them to do a six-month class. It’s important to note that even if a person’s blood alcohol content is over a certain limit, the length of the class is not set in stone as it can be negotiated. For example, in the last case where a person was suspended and has to take a three-month class and was over 0.15, a person or their attorney could negotiate with the prosecutor to try to make it a three-month class. Then the person will be able to double-dip the classes for the DMV and the court.

Can you explain how the length of San Bernardino county DUI classes and the number of service hours required are determined for different types of offenders?

In a nutshell, people who get reckless driving charges are required to do the 12-hour class. People who get a DUI with a blood alcohol content between 0.08 and 0.15 will do the three-month class. For those with a DUI with a blood alcohol content between 0.15 and 0.20, they have to do a six-month class. People with a blood alcohol content of 0.20 and up will have to do a nine-month class. Finally, people who have multiple DUIs or a DUI with a prior within 10 years have to do an 18-month program.

What are the total fees for each San Bernardino county DUI classe, and what is the initial enrollment cost? Are there any payment plans available?

DUI programs do have payment plans available. The cost for the DUI program is listed above.

What measures are in place to assess the effectiveness of the San Bernardino county DUI classesin terms of reducing repeat offenses and promoting safe driving habits?

Participants in these programs are subject to educational requirements and are informed by trained counselors. In addition to this, there are also self-help components built into these programs. These programs have been well-studied in reducing recidivism.

What are the attendance requirements for these San Bernardino county DUI classes, and what happens if a participant misses a session or fails to complete the program?

Each participant is required to attend the entire program. There are excuses for absences; however, too many absences can result in removal from the class. If a person was court-ordered to stay in their class and then they got removed due to too many absences, they can face a probation violation. If this happens, they will have to go to court and face a probation violation. Once they address the probation violation and either admit or deny and resolve that issue, the judge will issue another order to return to class. They are expected to finish the class before the end of their probation.

How have these programs adapted to challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic? Are there options for remote participation or altered schedules?

Many of these classes have altered schedules or remote participation options. Originally, when these programs started, they were all in person. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic started, many of these classes began offering telehealth and started to meet in person. They have adapted to the challenges of COVID-19 and have come away with new procedures to benefit the participants.

If a participant needs to move to a different area within San Bernardino County, what is the process for transferring between San Bernardino county DUI classes locations?

If a participant needs to move to a different area within San Bernardino County or even anywhere in California, it is possible; they will have to talk with the program administrator and reach out to the new school they want to transfer to. Many of these classes will recognize each other’s programs because these programs are mandated by the state. If you are in a position where you have to transfer, the best way to do this is to talk with your current administrator and ask for a recommendation from the new school and then call the new school, assuming it is within the area you want to go to. Alternatively, if you’re not able to get a recommendation, then you need to find out the type of program you’re in, for example, either three months, six months, 12 hours, or 18 months, and look it up online for a similar program. Then you need to call the program and find out if they accept transfers. Following after transferring, you will want to check with the courts to see if this is something that is workable.

What is the process for enrolling in San Bernardino county DUI classes and is there a central contact point for inquiries, or should one contact the individual program locations directly?

The process for enrolling in a DUI program involves contacting the school you want to enroll in. Unlike other counties where there is one centralized place and they give you a referral, the process for San Bernardino is a little different. Upon resolving your case at the San Bernardino courthouse, you will be given a piece of paper where you would be directed to certain schools for DUIs. You can pick from these schools and then eventually enroll in them. Once you enroll in these schools, you have to submit your proof of enrollment over to the courthouse by a certain date. Then after you are done with your program, you should also send in a proof of completion. Many of these schools will tell you that they will do it for you. However, it’s always best to keep copies for yourself in case anything gets lost.

How does completion of these DUI programs affect the reissuance of a driver’s license post-suspension, especially for those convicted of multiple DUIs?

Enrollment in these DUI programs can affect the reissuance of a driver’s license post-suspension. This means that you can use enrollment in these programs to get your restricted license. You can either get an ID or Non-ID license by enrolling in these programs and getting an SR22. Whether or not you decide to get a non-ID license or not is completely up to you. This assumes that you have a first DUI and you are not facing a refusal, and you are over 21.

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