Orange County Victim Witness And DUI – 3 Things To Know

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Orange County Victim Witness – Why do I have to Show up when there is no restitution

If you have an accident and a DUI then you will be required to show up to report to Orange County Victim Witness window. This may sem confusing as there is no victims to compensate as your DUI is a solo car accident. However, as you read not everything as it seems.

The Orange County Court Use Victim Witness to move cases along quicker.

The Orange County Superior Court have no way to know case by case if there is no victim and if they tried to ascertain whether there are victims in each case, then this would be time consuming and cause errors in the system. In addition checking up and following up on victims also creates another job for the court clerks would substantially slow down the system. This is too much strain on the system.

To address this pitfall, the victim witness branch of the courthouse was created. All court cases involving DUI and a collisions are sent here regardless of whether it was a solo car accident or there was a collision with another vehicle. This helps the system move along quicker and frees up the court to work on cases and not following up on victims.

Paperwork is Just Part of the Process Even if it is Irrelevant in your case.

However, with multiple agencies also comes paperwork and redundancy. The redundancy and paperwork here is filling out the statement of assets for your case. Most people are uncomfortable filling this out and having the government in your business but one thing to keep in mind is that these papers are kept private and they are only relevant when restitution becomes an issue and you have not met your obligations.

For example, you had a DUI with an accident , your insurance did not cover the cost to the victims and your did not comply restitution. For a majority of the solo car accidents this is not an issue. The only remote one is if the city wanted to come after restitution for a light pole or a fixture.

shows paperwork you haev to fill out from victim witness

In conclusion, if you have a DUI with no victim or your your insurance has already taken care of them then showing up to Orange County Victim Witness is a formality. The courts need a system where they can cross their T and dot their Is. There is really now way for the courts to do their job and follow up with their victims while handling the caseload. So Victim Witness is there way of doing it. Finally the way to get into victim witness is to fill out the statement of assets.

Phone numbers For Victim Witness To call Just in case.

Failure to Show up to Orange County Victim Witness can complicate Your case.

If the court ordered you to show up to Orange County Victim Witness then it is important that you show up. It is likely a term of your probation to make restitution. Often times, people will confuse victim witness with the clerks office, DNA, or ONE OC at Court. However, it is its own agency and it is easy to overlook when with so many windows and people to talk with.

What Happens If I Don’t Show Up?

If an Orange County Court ordered you to show up to Victim Witness and check in and you skipped out on it then a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Why do I have to go when there is no victim?

Orange County Victim Witness is a branch that checks for victims in certain types of crimes. For example, shoplifting crimes do not have victims that need to be compensated because the item is retrieved, but a check in is still required.

Why Do I Have to fill out this statement of Assets?

It is a procedural step. The information on the form is only used in case you are not able to meet your financial obligations.

For more Questions you can call Victim Witness at their Offices.

North Court (714) 773-4575

South Court (949) 249-5037

West Court (714) 896-7188

Harbor Court (949) 476-4855

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