Orange County House Arrest: A Comprehensive Guide to the SEC Program


Introduction to Orange County House Arrest or Supervised Electronic Confinement (SEC) in Orange County

In the realm of criminal justice, options like Orange County House Arrest or the Supervised Electronic Confinement (SEC) Program in Orange County present innovative alternatives to traditional incarceration. This program allows eligible individuals to serve their sentences in a more conducive environment, adhering to certain conditions while maintaining their employment and personal responsibilities. Understanding the ins and outs of this program is crucial for those seeking an alternative to jail time.

Synthesized Key Points

  1. Eligibility and Application: To be eligible for SEC, individuals must meet specific criteria like being sentenced to Orange County Jail, having no pending court cases, and not being prohibited from the Home Confinement Program. The application process involves submitting detailed documentation and contacting the SEC office.
  2. Rules and Monitoring: Participants must adhere to strict rules like not tampering with monitoring equipment, staying at home except for authorized activities, and abstaining from alcohol and unauthorized drugs. The program involves continuous tracking and monitoring to ensure compliance with the terms.
  3. Cost and Equipment: As of July 1, 2021, participants do not incur any costs due to State Assembly Bill 1869. The monitoring equipment includes a GPS transmitter and, if necessary, an alcohol testing device.

The Supervised Electronic Confinement (SEC) Program or Orange County House Arrest, administered by the Orange County Probation Department, offers a structured alternative to traditional incarceration for eligible individuals. This program, authorized by Penal Code §1203.016, allows inmates committed to county jails or those granted probation to complete their sentences in a home detention setting rather than in county jail facilities. Designed primarily for non-violent, non-serious, or non-sexual offenses, (such as 2nd DUI and 3rd DUI, and Hit and Runs), SEC is contingent upon authorization from the Court and approval by the Probation Department.

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Eligibility and Application Process for Orange County House Arrest (SEC)

To apply for Orange County House Arrest (SEC), individuals must ensure they meet specific criteria, including being sentenced to Orange County Jail with a Jail Report Date (JRD) at least four weeks in the future, having no pending court cases, and not being prohibited by the court from participating in the Home Confinement Program. Interested individuals can initiate their application by calling (714) 569-2015. Required documentation includes a completed SEC application, government-issued photo ID, Social Security Card or statement, birth certificate or equivalent, a home floor plan, California Driver’s License or ID of all adults in the residence, recent pay stubs or employment letters, and a home phone bill. If driving is involved during confinement, further documentation such as automobile registration and proof of insurance is required.

Rules and Conditions of Orange County House Arrest (SEC)

Participants in the Orange County House Arrest (SEC) program must adhere to strict rules and conditions to ensure compliance and safety. These include not tampering with the electronic monitoring equipment, remaining confined to their home except for specific permitted activities like work or medical appointments, and allowing entry to designated correctional agents. The program also mandates participants to maintain an operational telephone line, submit to search and seizure per the Fourth Amendment, and abstain from alcohol and unauthorized drugs. Violation of any law, possession of weapons, unauthorized visitors, and contact with other SEC inmates or jail inmates are strictly prohibited.

Monitoring and Compliance in Orange County House Arrest

SEC involves continuous tracking and monitoring of participants by CorrectiveSolutions in conjunction with the Probation Department. This includes verifying the whereabouts of individuals, ensuring compliance with court-ordered terms and conditions, conducting random or scheduled drug and alcohol tests, and addressing any violations of program requirements.

Cost and Equipment Used in SEC

As of July 1, 2021, participants in the SEC program incur no costs, aligning with the stipulations of State Assembly Bill 1869 (AB1869). The equipment used for monitoring includes a GPS transmitter, a landline monitoring device, and, if necessary, an alcohol testing device within the residence.

Appeals Process in SEC

The Probation Department provides an appeals process for applicants and participants denied or removed from the SEC program. Appeals are conducted weekly, with decisions communicated in writing within 48 hours of the review.

What specific criteria must one meet to be eligible for the SEC Program?

The most significant criterion for eligibility in the SEC program is having a clean history. A clean history implies that a person has not committed any offense that can occur inside a home. Offenses that can be committed at home include child abuse, domestic violence, or drug sales. These are the most common crimes that disqualify people from house arrest.

How does the application process for SEC work, and what documentation is required?

The application process for SEC spans several weeks. It is not measured in days, nor is the response immediate. Once a person enters a plea and convinces the judge to allow them to apply for home confinement or SEC, they are given a jail surrender date, typically 6 to 8 weeks out. This period allows the individual to apply for house arrest. If not permitted for house arrest, they must surrender to jail. Within the first week after the plea, the applicant must submit the house arrest application to Orange County Probation. Orange County Probation typically responds about a week and a half before the surrender date.

What are the specific rules and conditions that participants in the SEC Program must adhere to?

Participants in the SEC program must adhere to specific rules and conditions, including not committing any new crimes while under house arrest. They are allowed to go to work but cannot go elsewhere. Additionally, they must not consume alcoholic beverages or use illicit drugs. Being under house arrest, which substitutes for jail, means that anything not permitted in jail is also prohibited under house arrest.

How is compliance monitored within the SEC Program?”

Compliance in the SEC program is monitored through electronic devices, including an ankle monitor and other equipment like breath machines to test for alcohol consumption and a GPS monitor. The GPS monitor tracks how far the individual is from their designated area.

How does the appeals process work for those denied or removed from the SEC Program?

The appeals process for those denied or removed from the SEC program involves contacting the supervisor. However, this must be balanced against the approaching jail surrender date. If a last-minute decision is required and the jail surrender date is imminent, the individual or their representative, typically a counsel, must go to court to request additional time and appeal the SEC decision.

What are the benefits of the SEC Program compared to traditional incarceration?

The benefits of the SEC program include the ability to work while serving a jail sentence. Jail can be a harsh and confining environment, so serving time at home offers a more comfortable setting.

Who can provide assistance or legal advice regarding the SEC Program?

For legal advice regarding the SEC program, you can reach out to us at the link provided below. We can assist you through your criminal case and work with the judge and District Attorney to apply for SEC.

Conclusion and Contact Information

SEC offers an opportunity for eligible inmates to serve their sentences in a conducive environment while maintaining employment and attending necessary appointments. It is a program that demands high responsibility and adherence to strict rules but provides a valuable alternative to traditional jail time.

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